How to remove the video in the contact?

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How to remove the video in the contact

Sometimes there are situations, when it is necessary to remove from the network some videos. Let it is not of a compromising nature and does not expose the actions of famous people, but even private photography newborn baptism can get an unhealthy public interest.

How to remove the video in the contact, that it can not go out to see strangers? let's get a look, what can be done.

If the video is hosted by you

  1. Go to the menu “My videos” and orientirueshsya, according to the wishes. If you want to delete the video, not only from his page, but also to stop its spread in social networks, you should perform several steps.
  2. select video, you wish to remove. A file is a list of users, Use your video.
  3. Delete the list and click in the window video file click “Delete”. Now the video has been removed not only from your page, but also from the pages users subscribe to it.
  4. Remove video from your page without the subscribers also do not make much effort to. In the file window, in the upper right corner of the displayed menu of allowed operations on files. Click on the “Delete”button. There is a button “Restore record”. Prior to the release of the contacts, you can still return the video to your page. After it will be harder to do.

If the video was placed your friends

In the case of large video popularity, or its distribution among users not only social network, or if you are not laid out video, will have to be creative in removing embarrassing files.

  1. The first thing you can write a letter to the user, posted a video on the general review, asking him to remove. If the user goes to meet you and will remove videos from your page, you can stop worrying.
  2. If you put the video did not go to the contact, rude and mocks your requests, press the button “Report video”, which is located in the upper right corner of any media file.
  3. If this action does not give the desired results, write a complaint to the personal Contacts Administration. Just do not dilute the essence of the problem of excess paint and details. Appeal to the Administration should be informational, without unnecessary emotions and supported by the facts, (Use screens correspondence).

Carrying out these simple tips, you will be able to deal with the, how to remove a video from the contact and the future, be more attentive to the material, which is located on the network.

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