How to delete a page VKontakte?

Creating an account on the social network "in contact" has not caused much difficulty. During registration, it was necessary to enter the necessary information about yourself, Add friends and chat with them, and also to make other actions. But delete a profile on the site "Vkontakte" it seems difficult at first sight. But really there are several easy ways to remove your profile at the contact.

Removing FaceBook page

Deleting a page In Touch

How to delete contact page? In this article you will learn the most common ways.

Methods for removing the page with your profile VKontakte

  • Long enough on the website there is a button, allows you to quickly delete a profile. To do this, you need to select "My Settings" and look at the bottom of the page. There will be written the phrase "you can delete your page», in which the "delete my page 'highlighted in a different color. This is a link. Click on it. You will be prompted, for whatever reason you wish to delete your page, and to introduce a farewell message to friends. Do it or not you decide. You can simply click "Delete page" and all the data of your profile will be removed.
  • If you just wanted some time to completely lock your account and not use it, then you need to make some manipulations. Namely, completely remove all photos, absolutely all data, including first and last name, all friends and all, it is still possible to remove. Next, open the privacy settings in all columns set the "Only me" or "No".

Additional ways to delete a page VKontakte

  • You need to create a new mailbox, and then go to the settings menu from your page. When you do, replace with a new email address old. Now remove all of the page, what is possible. And finally, remove the mailbox, you recently created for the contact.
  • Another very decent way to begin to actively send spam. Pitch it everywhere, where you can, including Pavel Durov page. Pitch it in large quantities, disturb rules Group, swear swearing in large quantities. In this case, your profile will be deleted without your participation in the, but you stained your reputation. That is why, first think carefully about your decision before you proceed as in this way.
  • You can also try to delete the page, sending Pavel Durov to blacklist or block it for themselves. Black list is in the "Settings" menu. block II. Durov can, if you go to his page and at the bottom click "Block Paul"

How to delete a page In Touch, if you do not know your password, and your page is broken and her attackers do everything, they want? Can, together with a friend or on its behalf to come to his page, scroll through it to the bottom. At the bottom you will see among the various options "Help" section. You will be prompted to make your problem a special list. Simple phrases to explain the essence of the problem. For example, "The page is not available, I can not enter". The search engine will give different results according to your request. Select the appropriate to your case and follow the instructions there. So you first regain access to your page, and then to be able to do with it all you want, including removal.

We told you about a few ways to remove a profile. You can use one of them, most suitable for you, or just a few, and you have to delete a page accurately in contact. Even you can use the delete pages with the possibility of subsequent recovery, suddenly you change your mind.

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