How to delete a page in facebook

Many Internet users today have been registered in all the popular social networks, such as Vkontakte, facebook, Classmates, etc.. But some people, for different reasons, decided to abandon the system of services and wish to format your account. This article will consider, how to remove a page in facebook forever.

It is important to know, that not one of the services does not like, when users leave, it strikes both ratings, and on budget. Of course, one man, as a drop in the ocean, but for one and the other may follow, which is why sites cling to each active user. true, Some sites allow you to leave a man quietly, while others chase him on various links, to produce deactivation, and even does not give an opportunity to do so.

How to delete a page in facebook

so, If you decide to delete your own account of the social. networking, and in our time, This is a hard decision, tk. half of a person's life is being held on the Internet, and all contacts, interview, important information are found in social networks, then you have to do the following procedure.

Although before, proceeding to the instructions, you need to decide on the, exactly what you want to achieve. You will see the deactivation and complete removal of data, below consider both options.

Удаление страницы facebook

Deleting facebook page

How to deactivate your account in Facebook

To do this operation first, go to the tab “Settings”, then click on the “Security” section and select the link “Deactivate account”. After completing all the steps, you will see that the system will show you a photo of one person from your friends list, thus the site administration is trying to keep its user. But you have already firmly decided all, and therefore ignore such actions and confirm the deactivation.

Deleting a page on Facebook

If you want to get rid of your account, then you will this method. System Administration with even greater zeal will stop you, giving specific posts, they should simply be ignored.

  1. To remove the account click on the link called “Delete account”.
  2. Warn o Volume, that all data will be lost, and they are not possible to be recovered. Do not pay attention to these tricks, although one is now so spend. Go ahead and click the “Send”button.
  3. It remains only to confirm his actions, To do this, enter your password on the profile and the captcha.

Now, you know, how to remove a page in facebook. You should wait for two weeks to completely erase the data, at this time do not visit your page, otherwise it will be restored. Delete the page on social networks simply, much more difficult to decide on this.

Deleting facebook page:

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