How do I delete a message in the contact?

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How do I delete a message

Not a secret, that social networks have become a favorite pastime of modern man. people communicate, They are looking for friends or fall in love and create a family. The top three social networking is currently the President of “Vkontakte”. More 73 millions of people daily visit their page. write messages, create polls, and share news with your subscribers.

Sometimes there are mishaps. Especially, if at the same time to maintain multiple correspondences, guard against mistakes is unrealistic. If you accidentally sent the message to the user, do not rush to panic and rush in search of a magic wand. We know, how to delete a message in contact, and, with pleasure, We tell you about it.

Options for removing posts

  1. If you are on your page, click “My messages” or click “My friends”. Often, that these links are not displayed on the main profile page. No problem. You can find them in “My settings”, in the “General” tab and put it on the main panel.
  2. Opening the tab “My friends” choose the person, which erroneously sent message. Click on the button “Send message”. You will see a blank form letter and table chat history. Selects the last message sent. If you have not yet read, you will see the button “Delete”. Click on it and the message will disappear, replaced the inscription “Restore”.
  3. Likewise, you can clean all your conversations. Clicking the icon in front of the other on the button “Go to the dialogue”. You choose those messages, you wish to remove. Put a tick and click “OK”.

Not knowing the destination

If you truly do not remember, who sent the spam message , do not despair. There are solutions that, how to delete a message in the contact sent from.

  1. Find the button “My messages”. In the opened tab select “Sent”.
  2. Search for messages sent in the last story is, that you want to delete. Select it and hit “remove”. You can be sure, if the message has not been read, it is deleted permanently.

Like this, without giving vent to emotions, you can deal with the, how to delete a message in the contact, which has already been sent.

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