How to remove a mailbox

Very often, people create for themselves several mailboxes. For a time they use them, clean and perform other actions. But over time, incoming messages become cluttered with unnecessary spam, and a person decides to delete the account. Besides, often people trying to register multiple addresses to filter, ie. one he dedicates to work topics, other personal. so, in this article, let's talk about, how to remove the mailbox Consider this system because it, it is the most popular and most often occurs.

How to remove a mailbox

  1. The first thing you need to go to the home page and enter your information – username and password. After that, as you will be on your profile page, pay attention to the upper menu, here click on the tab “More”. mailbox mailbox

  2. You'll get a list of frequently asked questions. Scroll to the bottom and select the link that says “How to remove Inbox?”
  3. After that, you will be offered to use a special form, which will help solve the painful problem. Go to the tab “Special interface”.
  4. Be sure to specify the reason for uninstalling your account, enter the password and click the “Delete”button. It remains only to confirm his actions.

Now the question, how to remove the mailbox on, will not bother you. by the way, when you delete a mailbox, you are also depriving themselves of the opportunity to use other services on this site. Very often people regularly visit the photo, video catalogs, etc.. Forums, you this opportunity is no longer available. If you are not scared, you can safely delete account.

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