How to remove conversation on Skype

Удалить историю Скайп

Delete history Skype

It is not always necessary to store the entire message history on Skype. Sometimes it is useful to "clean" his correspondence. In this article we will talk about, how to do it.

How to delete message history on Skype

If you want to delete all information about incoming and outgoing calls, and all received and sent messages from all users, you just follow these steps::

  1. select Instruments in the main window
  2. select the tab settings
  3. select Security
  4. press Clear the history in the right part of the window

This will lead to complete removal of all Skype stories. The same effect can be achieved, if you reinstall the program.

How do I delete the history of correspondence with a specific user

More often than not there is a need to remove all the correspondence, but only to clean the history of communication with a specific user. However, the program itself does not provide such an opportunity. To selectively remove the history of messages you want to install an additional utility Skype Chat Helper.
To clean the history using Skype Chat Helper need to:

  1. remember (a better record) nickname contact, message history with which you want to delete
  2. close Skype
  3. create a backup copy of your profile (copy in a safe place existing message history)
  4. run Skype Chat Helper
  5. entered in the field Username your login, and in the field Contact - recorded username
  6. press Remove Chat History

After that run Skype and check the result. If done correctly, the history of messages with the contact disappears.

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