How to remove music in contact

delete music

Delete music files

For, that delete music in Touch, the user needs to make a few clicks.

  1. First, go to “audio”. This section is located either in the left menu links, or modules with storage headlines, which are located at the top of your page.
  2. To remove unnecessary audio, you need to go under “Edit”. It is located over the entire list of audio. Slightly below the search bar.

Under “Edit” the user can not only remove the music in Contact, but also make the following wording:

  • change the name of the track;
  • to rewrite the lyrics;
  • edit and create new lists of audio.

Let's see, how to delete music in Touch

  1. Find the file you want in the general list of records.
  2. Press the “delete”button, below the record.
  3. appears instead of the file: “Audio removed. Restore”. Music file, you can restore to the release of Touch.
  4. Menu editing by the user is available, the button “Delete all records in a week”. By clicking on it, you remove from the list of all the music, which was charged for seven days.

It should be remembered, that deal with the problem of, how to delete music in contact, for you remains active “resume”button. But if you leave after editing your profile, music will be permanently deleted.

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