How to delete history in Yandex

Deleting history in Yandex

Deleting history in Yandex

Service Yandex has existed since 1997 year and is designed to search for the information you need on the Internet. Yandex search services used by millions of people daily, therefore, this search engine is listed among the ten most popular of such systems in the world. This search service provides a tremendous opportunity to its users, allowing you to quickly and efficiently find all the necessary information.

In order to reduce the search time, in the system Yandex is possible to store all your browsing history. With this feature, the process of working with the service much faster. But the system is not always true improvement, especially if other people use your computer besides you. therefore, so no one can see the history of your pages or downloads, it must be removed from the system. This is done not difficult, and below we look at stages, how to delete history in Yandex.

Deleting history in Yandex

Not so long ago a new version of Yandex Browser, in which the removal process is slightly different stories. In contrast to the previous version, before deleting history, must:

  • Create an account and log in. To do this, click on the phrase "Log in e-mail", which is located at the top right corner, enter the requested data.
  • Now, after confirming your login and password, you need to go to the "Personal Preferences" from the View menu to select "Other Settings".
  • This will bring up a list of possible settings, among which to choose "Search Tips".
  • There are two ways to delete history from the system. The use of each of them depends on, Do you want to delete a single page or a list of pages viewed, or delete all history for a specific period.

In the first case, to remove certain pages from the search you will need:

  • open your browser and go to the page of Yandex. Then, in the upper right corner at the end of the address bar to click on the icon in the form of a nut;
  • in the menu that appears, select "History", which will show a list of pages, a user visits;
  • in the left part from the list, choose the page you want to delete and put a tick next to them; in conclusion, click on the button labeled "Remove selected items", located on top of a list of pages.

The second way to show, how to delete history in Yandex, stored for a certain period

To do this,:

  • click on the icon with a picture of nuts. Then, from the menu select "Tools", and in it "Clear Browsing Data";
  • in the label to choose the desired period of saved history to delete (it can be like visiting the pages in the last hour, and the whole story is entirely). Besides, in the same plate visited pages list is divided into paragraphs, including browsing history, downloads, and cleaning the cache, saved passwords and other. Only certain items can be selected if desired, putting a check mark in front of them;
  • in the end click on "Clear history".
  • then click on the "Clear history"query.

Besides, in the new version of the browser Yandex is possible to disable the save history. To do this, you just need the same settings, uncheck "My queries in search suggestions".

After reading the article, Now you know, how to delete history in Yandex. Now, in case of need, you can easily clean up your browser from unnecessary information, following the above instructions. But, removing passwords stored in the browser, Be careful and make sure, that you saved them somewhere else.

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