How to delete history in ICQ

If you are new to computer technology or simply never encountered the work in e-mail programs, to you, probably, It will be interesting to learn some of the principles of their work. So, eg, sometimes the user is essential to remove from ICQ correspondence history with one or all subscribers at once. Many users are simply lost to the task. To prevent this from happening to you, we will acquaint you with the order of acts, necessary to clean the history of dialogue in the email box.

Deleting history in ICQ

Deleting history in ICQ

How to delete history in ICQ?

  • To get started you just need to go to your program of e-mails with your password.
  • This will open the main page of your electronic applications, which displays a list of your contacts. In the "contacts" pop up window "menu". It is necessary to click and you'll get a list of actions, that can be made.
  • You need to select the icon “history”. It allows you to see the history of correspondence with other parties. Here you have decide, remove your conversation completely, or a history of dialogue with a particular subscriber.

If history is deleted all, you just need to choose the left side of the monitor the button “all contacts” and click on it. Right of the screen will appear with a basket icon. Clicking on it, you completely erase all the correspondence with all of your contacts.

How to delete history in ICQ individual subscriber

In case if you want to clean up the history of communication with a particular subscriber, then you need to enter in the history of messages in the same way, which has already been described, but under “contacts” you need to find subscriber, correspondence with which you want to delete. Clicking on the nickname of the caller, you will discover the history of correspondence with him only. What follows is just click the trash can icon, which opens on the right side of the screen. Thus, you can erase the history of your correspondence in ICQ.

Recovery stories on ICQ

And just in case you should know, that restore inadvertently deleted messages in ICQ is realistic. To do this, you only need to install on your computer program icq2html. It is freely available. Simply download and install it.

  • Usually, All important information and its history are stored on the local C drive.
  • After installing the program go to disk and find the folder ICQ. It displays the folder “history” or “history”.
  • Clicking on this folder, you will see under “restore”, and then successfully return all correspondence on your computer.

Good luck and confidence in using the PC!

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