How do I delete a group from Contacts?

leaving group

Contact of the leaving group

By creating a new group, remember the user's contacts, for it will have to be responsible to you. Delete the entire group itself you can not, quit tiresome passion will not be easy. therefore, Be ready to face the challenges, solving, how to remove the band in contact.

Simple Method №1

The easiest way to “remove” a group of Contact, is to remove from it all users and deny access to the wall with the news. Add to this restricted group as “closed” and be sure, that no one else in its composition will not enter.

Removing all the photo and video files manually, you have to be sure, the remaining members of the group will not be able to add new materials. Check, that the wall was turned off, photos off, and all the other media had a tick in the box off.

Doing these simple manipulation, Contact the user, You can be sure, that group is empty, no it is no longer enter and materials will not add.

Method 2 – Tricky

Deletes all the registered participants in the group, and in a short time preobrazuesh group something new.
You can change the name, dilute content glamor or irrelevant materials.

You can add a boring chronicle, statement trivial or just leave bare wall.

The administration will soon see a group of irrelevant and remove it as unnecessary.

Method # 3 – the fastest and Most cunning

As group admin, change the title to “Delete the group, please”. Sooner or later the administration will see a headline, pity on unlucky user and group is removed.

These are simple ways to have in stock the user, if he decides to permanently delete a group from Contacts.

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