How to remove validation in “Odnoklassniki”?

Classmates are now becoming increasingly popular meeting place for friends and socializing, Here you can share your thoughts, feelings, mood, listen to music, draw a card and that many more.

Not surprising, what Social network united millions of Internet users to its vast expanses, and their number day by day growing steadily. Knowing this trend, Internet hackers have started to build their wicked plans, to mislead people and get rich at their expense.

Validation in Odnoklassniki

Validation in Odnoklassniki

Lately, when coming to your page in the social network, People often see the popup window "Perform validation". What is it and why do we need, not know all, and then the natural question arises, and how to remove the validation in the "Classmates"? But prior to this procedure, you need to understand all the same, that it is all about and where did.

What is validation?

Validation in English the word means a valid right, the surest. This is - the process of joining a social network account to a mobile phone number, confirmation of the right of use in order to avoid unauthorized person account management capabilities. Such a system is observed in the payment systems in the derivation of money, to protect against hacker break-ins. This practice has become so familiar today, that has rarely in doubt, than certainly benefited from Internet hackers.

If suddenly, when approaching the Odnoklassniki page there was an offer to connect validation, then you need to quickly learn, how to remove the validation in the "Classmates", because there is a warning says only one: in the computer entered a serious virus. It is worth noting, that in the social network VKontakte it could be, the virus, and a real proposal to increase the security of your account, so in this case there are difficulties. But our conversation will focus on Odnoklassniki, and we will not be distracted by other networks.

The procedure for getting rid of the virus

so, Odnoklassniki if there is a window validation plug-proposal, should be subjected to serious cleaning your computer from viruses, which the, undoubtedly, somehow infiltrated the system. of course, you can not send any messages, and include your phone number - also, otherwise, can only further aggravate the situation.

To exit from this situation, you need to do the following:

  • Install a good antivirus and update it to the latest version.
  • To conduct a full scan of your computer. In particular, you need to clean up the system hosts file.

For, to clear the file, should conduct the following procedure:

  • In the option "file Explorer" to select the address C:\Windows System32 Drivers Etc and go to him.
  • To find the hosts file and open it using Notepad. After that you should delete all the rows, which are located below the line localhost.
  • Save changes.
  • To restart the computer.

After that should disappear notification of the need validation, but, Consequently, and partially blocking the computer, malicious virus. now known, how to remove the validation in the "Classmates", what is necessary to tell your friends, to keep them from falling for the bait scams.

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