How do I remove a bruise – traditional methods

Quite often there are situations, when you expected a very important event. Of course, you are very worried, it comes to such an extent, that there is a failure, and you hit on something heavy and hard. As a result, you are left with a big black eye on the entire face, but about an important event, you can and do forget. What to do in such situations, and how to quickly remove the black eye?

The first step is to find out what kind of character takes your injury, Sometimes it happens, that you can not do without the intervention of a physician. And when a person understands this, then it comes to the surgeon and.

The people there is a perception, what, If the bruise is constantly changing its color (red, Orange, yellow), it means that everything is in order. It remains only to wait a little longer. On our site you can also learn, How to compliment a girl.

How to remove black eye

How do I remove a bruise at home

How do I remove a bruise at home

In this article, let's talk about, how to quickly get rid of the black eye. Consider a few people's councils and tested recipes. Bruising can be caused by many reasons,, from injury and ending with infectious diseases. We consider the ones inflammation, which are caused by physical intervention.

As I said before, no need to worry if, If the bruise gradually begins to bloom. But if a bruise on the contrary continuously dims and turns purple, it is necessary to urgently seek medical advice.

To bruise was faster, immediately after the injury to apply the cold sore spot. This may be a bottle with cold water or snow, wrapped in a cloth. The contents will last around an injury 15 minutes, then spread a soft cloth with special ointments, which reduce inflammation. A striking example – in the. Use it throughout the day is not over 4 time, then your bruise quickly resolve.

How do I remove a bruise at home

Убрать синяк дома

Remove bruise house

Traditional methods of permanent rescue us in everyday life, and this case is no exception.

  1. The first thing you need to grate the onion fine crumbs, then add the crushed plantain leaf and the same quantity of honey. Thoroughly mix the mixture and apply three times a day to the affected area.
  2. Take grated horseradish and put on gauze. This bandage apply several times a day until, until the bruise is not completely resolve.
  3. You will need apple cider vinegar, water and a small piece of gauze. Moisten the cloth in the prepared solution of vinegar and water (concentration 1:1) and apply it three times a day.
  4. To remove edema perfect cut aloe leaf. Attach it to the injury, and seal the plaster. Change sheets every two or three days.

In that case, if you urgently need to get rid of a bruise, the use of women's cosmetics. This is a great way to, which will save you not only from injuries, but also tailor the small wrinkles on the face.

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