How to remove the cheek - tips and tricks

Plump cheeksmany women, regardless of their age think about the fact, how to remove the cheeks. The main point is that in this matter, that reducing weight, lose weight cheek.
However, not all women want to lose weight. In this case, you need to regularly perform special exercises. A positive result will be noticeable within a month. You can also use the fitness center.

A few tips

Remove cheeks as follows:

  1. with the help of an active life,
  2. applying face cream,
  3. regular massage,
  4. athletics,
  5. proper nutrition.

To remove the cheek many women use techniques, recommended by the author of the book, for example, "Aerobics for the skin and muscles of the face". The main disadvantage of such employment is, that trainees can see the woman described the exercises in the living.

Causes of chubby cheeks

Exercises with chubby cheeksMedically, before deciding, how to remove the cheeks, should determine the cause of their appearance. If we are talking about inheritance, then the woman should gain perseverance, patience and strength. To overcome such a problem will be difficult. In some cases, need to undergo cosmetic surgery. If the cheeks round due to excess weight, then you need to lead an active life, including adherence to diet and the use of cosmetic and corrective means.

In any case, beauticians and doctors do not recommend to use different creams for weight loss. This can lead to irritation and acne. To cheeks became less, It takes a few days. Usually, this part of the body loses weight in the first place.

To avoid a drawn and haggard-looking skin, bags under the eyes need to consider the following:

  1. adhere to the optimal balanced diet,
  2. not to starve,
  3. eat small portions and often,
  4. good to chew solid food,
  5. before eating drinking a glass of water.

You need to be excluded from the menu sweet, roast, greasy. You also need to give up fast food, ice cream, sugary drinks and instant cooking. It is recommended to eat more fruit, vegetables and seafood. Will not add calories and help get enough food of lean meat, fish and porridge on the water. It is possible to include in the diet losing weight dairy products and milk, low-fat. It is no exception cheese. To remove the cheek quickly need to give up salt, sugar and other food additives.

effective exercises

How to remove the cheeks knows Training. In addition to diet it is recommended to regularly perform some exercises to mimic the facial muscles. If you want to remove chubby cheeks in a short period of time, then these exercises need to perform several times a day:

  • inflated cheek, you need to roll in his mouth a balloon. This is not to open your mouth,
  • standing, aligning the shoulders and back, you need to lay down his lips and sing a few times vowels in a random order,
  • pinch his lips a pencil to write in the airspace of different words. In this case, the muscle tightens the muscles of the face and neck,
  • typing in the air mouth, it will need to produce small quantities-shocks,
  • throwing his head up necessary to move the chin, capturing, in this way, lower lip upper. Originally it needs to perform this exercise 10 time, then increased load.

Constant training will enable the person to return the former circuit, making the skin supple and removing wrinkles and gravity folds.

Recommendations of beauticians

How to remove the cheeks know Estheticians. Experts recommend to sleep on a low pillow, and during the day to keep your head up, slightly raised chin. You also need to continuously monitor the posture. In this case, the cheeks will seem a lot less.

physical uprazheniyaYou also need to make regular facial massage. Effective in such a situation is light slap palms on the cheeks. Before the massage is recommended to make compresses. For this towel wetted in warm infusion of calendula, sage and chamomile. Next, the compress is applied to the cheeks on 30 minutes.

Another effective remedy in such a situation are facials. Choose them to be so, that they have astringent skin effect. Typically used egg-honey mask of white clay. maybe, also buy a ready-made such a mask, applying it several times.

Adjustment of plump cheek makeup performed using. To this end, it is recommended to do hairstyles. If chubby cheeks, then allow smooth hair to hide this shortcoming. If sagging cheeks, then you need to do a hairstyle from ringlets and curls.

effective exercises

How to remove the cheeks with exercise known aerobics trainer:

  • You need to sit on a chair, zaprokynuv head back. Performing motion chin to capture the upper lip of the bottom,Makeup with chubby cheeks
  • closed their teeth, the head should be kept straight, trying to sticking his lower lip as low as possible,
  • keeping your head up, need to fold down the corners of her mouth, straining the muscles of the cheeks and neck,
  • tilting the head forward, It needs a variable stretch the chin to the left shoulder and right respectively,
  • holding a pen in his mouth, You need to write different words in the air,
  • standing right, You need to cross on his chest, taking itself for shoulders. Craning his neck up, We need to take a deep breath. Doschytav to 10, It needs to return to the original position,
  • standing up straight, lower the head forward, pressing his chin to the body. Next, you need to slowly reach out to the right shoulder, returning to the original position. Similarly, he throws his head back and returned to its original position. This exercise is repeated for the left shoulder.

If the result of the ongoing exercise to be seen at once, then it is recommended to perform the data load to a positive outcome. Usually, it will take about a month.

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