How to remove followers in VKontakte?

remove from subscribers

Remove the extra subscribers

New opportunity for contact: read updates interesting pages in the social network. Now, Unlike friends, which opened access to confidential information in good faith, to subscribe to your page can anyone.

How to remove followers in contact with your page? This can be done in a few clicks, closing them access to news on your page.

Remove subscribers in Touch

Let's look at the severe method of controlling unwanted readers: entering user to blacklist.

  1. Go to your page, choose the menu “My settings”.
  2. Choose in the “My subscribers”.
  3. Being in an undesirable reader list and click on his avatar. Before you open the menu operations with this user.
  4. Aim to cross in front of his photo, presses and thereby remove the user from the number of its subscribers, recording it in the black list.

This method has two nuances: the first person will not be able to communicate with you in contact, second – if a large number of subscribers, hand crosses reap tired.

Consider a humane way to remove subscribers in touch:

  1. Select the page resource Settings “”. It go to “Privacy”.
  2. Set the access levels for the users in the contact and hit “OK”.

This method does not limit the access to all the information, but it will be able to solve the problem with the reading of private information strangers.

One moment, creating a page in a social network type of contact, must be understood, it carries some risks of openness, and the question: how to remove followers in VKontakte, may occur repeatedly.

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