How to remove the boring popups

Everybody knows, what popups, Unfortunately, often they can turn out to be not quite so useful and necessary, quite the contrary. In advertising and can act as an insalubrious windows. But without it just will, as if she did not like us often and do not interfere, but this is the inexhaustible battery, which supports trade, and all areas of our lives, therefore it is impossible to get rid of this "superbugs", but hide it, so not an "eyesore" – it is the strength of each.

In addition, it should be made, because if many windows open, the computer starts, least, to brake, and it will be a problem, because the pages will be open even longer, than usual. So how to remove pop-ups? This is provided for already in the browsers themselves, and many are cleaned automatically, but you can manually. For each browser, there are some differences, how to do it.

Most used browsers safely fit in the figure 5, therefore it is necessary to consider options, what, as, and what to do, for, To remove disturbing the normal operation of the window.

Internet Explorer

A browser is a well-known Internet Explorer. If you want to see the locked box, you should click on the pop-up notifications, which reflects the locked window. locking and unlocking function is easy to install yourself. It operates by default.

To do this, click "Tools" – "pop-up blocker". To turn it off, "Pop-up Blocker". You can enable display window for a specific site, To do this, simply select an additional "windows blocking options", there to type the address of the site you want and just add.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is also one of the well-known and commonly used browsers, which has a pop-up blocker. At most you will see a lock icon. Click it and get all the action, associated with a locked window.

how to remove the pop-ups in Google Chrome

For, To unlock the window on the site - in the address bar, click on an icon and select the action "Always show pop-ups ... (Website address)». And in order, To remove a site from isklyuchennyh- a window "Content Settings". For, To disable pop-up windows, go to "Toolbar" – "display additional settings" – "privacy" – "content Settings" – "popups" – exception Control": "Allow".

For, To unlock all sites - click "Allow for all sites". And to unlock only the desired you eat a dedicated button "Delete".


Opera is the first browser, which from the outset has a function of blocking content browser without plug-ins. How can I remove the pop-up window at the opera, if there is a small hitch - as long as the browser is not trained to do, and to recognize their own, you have to indicate each time they themselves.

Remove them easy – on the page click right-click – "Settings for your site" – "General" – "pop-up" – "Not accept".


The first officer on the pop-up windows

And the best option is to install a plug Add Block, that after the installation itself will cut blocking window. To do this in the search, find the plug-in, Add to Opera, then put it in the window that appears,.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is also one of the famous "five", and therein pop-up blocker is configured by default. Separately tune does not need. About tom, what a window is blocked, you will show an icon in the address bar. Configured to lock yourself, you can through the "Tools"- "Settings" – "Content". And there you just need to tick the "Block" or "Delete".

Apple Safari

Well, one more commonly used browser is Apple Safari. Remove pop-up windows can be several ways. It worked 3 options on and off the lock. The first way - the fastest and most common to all 5 browsers: Ctrl+Shift+K. For Mac: Shift + Command + K.Vo second method, you need to go to settings and select the line "Block pop-ups".

And the third way for the, who enjoy long way. In the menu, select "edit" – "Security" – "Web content" and tick all on the same lock stitching.Actually, all the action even though it is the same type different browsers, and therefore any, even a novice user, not be easy to quickly learn the necessary actions, to whatever browser it was not.

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