How to kill time with benefit and without?

If you come up with for yourself, how to kill time, pass by. This article focuses on the, who sits on the, constantly looking at his watch, without knowing, what to do, as well as the, who wanders through the house without case. In fact, kill time can be a benefit for themselves or, conversely, senselessly, but interesting. And the other option in its own way helps get us through the end of the day.

How to kill time at work?

If you work in manufacturing, but, exactly, constantly that - that do, then you are lucky, time to wait is not necessary, and so it runs fast. the harder, who have sedentary work. Your attention will be offered several ways to use free time, choose.

How to kill time helpful?

  • the Internet. If the boss is not watching traffic, You can communicate in social networks, start a blog, read useful articles on your topic of interest.
  • The study of foreign languages. If you have an e-book or tablet, to download dictionaries, eg, English or any other, and shtudiruet.
  • call parents. After all, surely you did not call them for a long time.
  • self-education. With audiobooks, you can listen to the training courses.
  • warm-up. can you do the exercises, imperceptibly, eg, Operate the facial muscles, do exercises for the neck, knead hands, foot, and so on.

How to kill time wondering?

  • Games on the Internet Only select games, so as not to fall out of reality. Do not play Shooting, you all - still at work. There are good games, such as the Mafia, islands, Farm, Billiards, etc..
  • Watching films If you are under the constant supervision of the Chief, it is a good option. Time will fly by.
  • Listening to the radio in your phone Catch the right wave, insert the earphones and listen to.
  • Drawing If you have artistic ability, porisujte. Draw some - or cartoon or anime.

How to kill time at home?

In fact, if a person works every day, except holidays, he did not have to think, how to kill time, since it is not enough, and it is necessary to have time to do household chores. For a woman - this economy, and men, usually, just lie on the couch, relaxing in front of TV. weekend stay, which are already that - either planned. So what to do, when you are on vacation or on a bulletin? All of the cases have already converted and just do not know, things to do.

How to kill time helpful?

  • the Internet. Look for some - any information. for example, if you decide that - then buy, find Stores, The characteristics of the goods and so on.
  • Make a plan for the next day or for the weekend.
  • meditation.
  • Take care of your appearance, update manicure, to make a mask.
  • Think of a hobby. If there is passion, you can always spend the time on it.

How to kill time wondering?

  • look comedy, it will cheer up, If you miss.
  • Play computer games.
  • Talk on the phone.
  • Invite a friend over for tea and gossip.
  • Arrange a shopping.
  • AND, finally, go to a sports club or pool.

In fact, how to kill time - is ingenuous science. I would like to give advice. killing time, no pants sit at the TV, clicking the remote control, do not visit clubs with the aim to have a drink, Do not make a quarrel. You can continue to keep a list of harmful Affairs. These sessions not only kill time, but your energy in vain, not to mention the health.

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