How to cook the eggs in two ways: soft-boiled and hard-boiled?

Boil eggs, without a doubt, everyone can. And what is so tough? I throw them in water, I cook a little and you're done. But, It happens, that the ready boiled egg looks like - it is not very. Potreskalosy, and sometimes from the crack and got all protein. it happens, I wanted to get a soft-boiled egg, and hard boiled svarylos. Turns out that, how to boil eggs, know many, but proper cooking skills have not all chefs - amateurs. It is important to not only know how to cook, but also to know, spend much time, turned to hard-boiled or soft-boiled egg.
When cooking eggs should adhere to the following rules:

  • before you start cooking, remove from refrigerator and let stand for eggs, so that they slightly warmed, otherwise they will burst with;
  • Do not make long cooking, as the quality of the eggs go bad;
  • very fresh eggs to be boiled for three minutes longer;
  • when cooking some eggs, use a small pan, so they are less Cracked;
  • Do not cook eggs on high heat, better - on average

How to cook boiled eggs?

To get a soft-boiled egg for breakfast, remember three simple rules.

  • Dishes. Take a container, that in it the eggs were closely, rather than spacious. If a lot of free space, egg during cooking will fight each other, crackling.
  • Timer. No need to rely on your memory. To get an egg is boiled, important cooking time. The timer will give a signal in time. If you do not use them, you can get distracted and forget about eggs. As a result, you receive the product, hard-boiled.
  • Time. Poured into cold water pan, Put the eggs in it. When the water boils, cook will have three minutes on medium heat. Then drain the boiling water, eggs and pour cold water. This will facilitate cleaning.

How to cook hard-boiled eggs?

This question is easy to answer. Longer, What does the cooking soft-boiled eggs. To cook hard-boiled egg, have rules too. You need to cook in a small pot over low heat. how to cook? After water boils, let Cook for ten minutes. That's enough for, boiled egg to happen. Cooked egg placed in a cold water.

On a note

Do not overdo the cooking time, protein acquires a specific taste. podsolite water, intended for cooking. This will reduce the likelihood, cracked eggs. And last, before, how to boil eggs, be sure to wash them. microbes, located on the shell, can cause a disease, like salmonella.

As cooking eggs in a microwave oven?

In the microwave oven can cook an egg as runny, and boiled. Take container, put into it three eggs, pour cold water. Place the bowl in the oven. Set the maximum power, four minutes, namely, during this time the water boils, move the power on 480 and set the time for another 10 minutes. Get a hard boiled egg.
Boiled egg cooked, If after boiling water, timer to put on 3 – 5 minutes, whichever, what degree of readiness you prefer.
the, how to boil eggs, understandably.
And finally,, many housewives lowered them before cooking in boiling water. undesirable effects. That they are not cracked, pulled the eggs out of the refrigerator, have put them in warm water for expulsion of the product cold. But this does not 100% guarantees, that maintain the integrity of the eggs in contact with boiling water.

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