How to cook the soup in multivarka?

ef3d1cabbage soup recipes, this historic first course, there are many, and most importantly in the technology of their preparation was, they long languished in the Russian stove. It is due to longing, to create a unique taste of the dish.
Russian oven for housewives today gimmick, but the real soup can get today and they. Modern multivarka help create a soft and constant heating mode, which was peculiar to Russian stove.
cabbage soup, Unlike borscht, cooked without beets, but cabbage is an important element, instead in green cabbage soup used sorrel or spinach. To prepare conductive may be used various kinds of meat and poultry, sometimes fish, often cooked soup with beans, mushroom, cereals. In ancient recipes zazharki of vegetables was not done, but modern variants boiling permit its application. Our recipes, Boil cabbage in multivarka and try them a real taste.

1. Soup of sauerkraut in multivarka


To prepare the soup of sauerkraut in multivarka we need:
500 g any meat (beef, pork, mutton, bird), 4-5 potatoes, 1-2 bulbs, carrot, 500 g sauerkraut, parsley root, 3 st.l. tomato paste, oil for frying, salt, sugar, garlic, kitchen herbs, greens - to taste.
How to cook soup with sauerkraut in multivarka?
1. Wash sauerkraut Caputo, if it is very acidic, then pour in multikastryulyu 0,5 Article. water, laying cabbage, if necessary, add a little sugar, to remove excess acid, and set up "Braising" mode 40-60 minutes. After sauerkraut spread, wash pot.
2. The meat cut into small pieces, clean, wash and chop vegetables. Passiruem on onion oil, carrots and parsley and tomato paste, spread from the pan zazharku.
3. Meat and potatoes lay in a pan, fill it to half the water and put the "Soup" mode 40-60 minutes. Potato part to get and grind into a puree using tolkushkoy, add back.
4. Further, in a saucepan add zazharku, cabbage, seasoning, greenery, pepper and salt to taste, Top up with water. Turn on "Quenching" mode 1 time. After that, the soup can be more then in the "heating" mode, if you have time. Daily soup is usually no less tormented 3 hours a day and put in a cold place for infusion. By feeding table with greenery, garlic and sour cream.

2. Soup with barley in Uralsk multivarka

To cook soup with barley in Uralsk multivarka we need:
500 g pork, 0,5 a small head of cabbage cabbage, perlovka - 5-6 st.l.,(except barley can take a pic, millet) potatoes 3-4 PC., bow, carrot, parsley root and parsnip on 1 PC., vegetable oil, salt, spice, lemon acid, greenery, sour taste.
How to cook soup with barley in multivarka?
1. wash vegetables, Peel and chop. My meat and cut into small pieces a la carte. Carrot, onions and pork fried in vegetable oil in the bowl of a "pastry" mode 10-15 minutes.
2. Add the shredded cabbage in a bowl, washed pearl barley, potatoes, salt and spices, We pour water and set "Quenching" mode 2,5 o'clock.

rec_img_197153. Lenten soup with beans in multivarka

To cook meatless soup with beans in multivarka we need:
0,5 a small head of cabbage cabbage, potatoes 4-6 PC., bow, carrot, parsley root and parsnip on 1 PC., Canned beans - 1 bank, Bulgarian pepper - 2 PC., tomatoes - 3 PC., vegetable oil, salt, lemon acid, spice, greenery, sour taste.
How to cook meatless soup with beans in multivarka?
1. carrots are my, Clean and cut into strips. onions cleanse, cut into small cubes, pepper cleaned from seeds and cut into pieces, cabbage shinkuem. Tomatoes finely cut, or three on a grater, potatoes cut into cubes and purify.
2. The bowl Multivarki fried in vegetable oil 10 minutes in the "Baking" onions and carrots, then add the tomatoes and parsley.
3. laying potatoes, cabbage, bell pepper, canned beans (or pre-boiled), spice, garlic, lavrushku, salt and add water.
4. Set the "Quenching" mode 40-50 minutes. Delicious meatless soup prepared in multivarka, to be served with sour cream and herbs.

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