How to become a mermaid

Mermaid is a mythical creature, who live in the water and take the shape of polucheloveka and poluryba. Besides, they have a special opportunity, and only know the mermaid, where the treasure of the seas kept. Many young girls want to turn into a marvelous creature, but do not know how to become a mermaid. There are many ways, and in this article we will look at the main ones. You can also learn, how to become a fairy.

How to become a mermaid at home

How to become a mermaid

How to become a mermaid

As I said before, there are a large number of methods, to carry out the conversion, let us examine the most popular of them. The main condition is faith in miracles. If you won't believe, then you have nothing, you can not waste your precious time.

so, take a piece of paper and write on it about, what you want to be. In the most detailed manner describe, what abilities want to, your appearance. Feel free, after all, except you and mermaids this piece no one will see. Once made up his description it is necessary to wait for the full moon and leave a leaf on a window sill. Make it so, the sheet illuminated moonlight (it is the basic condition). Next, go to bed and forget about their wish until morning, and when you wake up, check whether any labels on the sheet have not changed, It may appear strange signs or symbols. If you suspect that something strange, you probably run into the bathroom, you may become a mermaid.

How to become a mermaid in a full moon

Волшебное существо

magical creature

Second in a row, but no less effective way is the following conversion. To start, wait a full moon, night, when life embodied all the wonders. Then type a glass of water and put it in the shell, the contents should be left on all night, to moonlight lit mug.

After that you will have to wait until the third day “mermaid of the week” and doused himself with water from the prepared glass. Important, this operation must be exactly prodelyvat 12 hours. Not to be mistaken with the times, A legend says: “The third day “Mermaid of the week” comes on the sixth Thursday after the feast “Easter””.

Additionally, the legend, that mermaid very active on the holiday of Ivan Kupala, when all the people going on the street and begins to pour. If you do not know, it passes this event 7 July each year. These two events will help you become a mermaid.

Sometimes it happens, what the person does not have to wait for the full moon or special occasion. It is sufficient to find a regular orange, to remove the skin in the form of a spiral and put it in a glass of cold water for exactly 60 minutes. After that, remove the contents and drink the water, orange and squeeze himself into a full bathroom. After that, take a dip in it 3 times with the head.

How to become a real mermaid

There is another, no less effective way, which will help you become a marvelous creation. You need to wait for the full moon, but before that, do some preparation. Bring out your bath is the real sea. This is done very simply, you just have to dial warm water, to pour a small amount of sea salt, bottom to impose a large number of shells. It would be nice, if you can add some sand, but this is not done actions uslovie.Posle attach to the wall mirror in such a way, to the moon reflected in the water.

preparation is completed, Now wait for the full moon and dive into the water. You need to look at the reflection of the moon until, until it disappears from your mind. Even, if this process takes a long time, you have to endure and finish the conversion before the end of, otherwise you will never become a mermaid.

How to become a mermaid now

Стать русалкой сейчас

Now become a mermaid

In that time,, when the moon starts to leave, do the following: immersed in warm water with a head and imagine if you swim in the ocean, then you will just sit in the bathroom yet 5-10 minutes. Get out of the bathtub, but do not rub your head, have sleep with wet hair. Besides, it is important to put on the feet of the shorts color, who do you like best. If it all works out, One morning you wake up with a tail of the same color.

If you do not like this kind of conversion method, try to write their wish on a piece of paper and dip it in the aquarium. After that, a note should be put under the flower pot.

Some use a special spell, but, Unfortunately, you'll have to wait for the full moon, to carry out the conversion. Enter a full bath and a moonlight dip in it, then aloud call the mermaid. This must be done three times. If you hear any sounds or blows a cool breeze, it will mean the presence of mermaids. Do not be afraid, she didn't do anything wrong, just ask her tail, and in the morning your wish will come true.

How to become a mermaid, without the full moon

The process is fairly simple, you only need to take a small piece of paper, and to cover it with toothpaste. Then put the prepared paper on the edge of the sink and turn on the warm water. Call Rusalka, uttering the following words: “Mermaid, mermaid – come!”. Say the spell for one minute. After this work mermaid must necessarily appear. And you can ask her all, what you want. But we need to remember the rules of etiquette, so first bowed to her and say hello. Then say aloud his desire, and the mermaid will respond mentally.

If you did everything right, the mermaid will be watching you for one month. This is the time to behave well, otherwise she gets mad, and you will never be able to get new abilities. Just prove, that you are a good and reliable person. Not in any way do not tell anyone about what happened, this is the main rule of mermaids.

How to become a mermaid in the bathtub

If you are still not able to cause a mermaid, then try the following methods, they are very simple. Find the fish scales and your hair, further cut a small rectangle of colored paper. Wrap everything in this list and burn, but the remaining ashes need to save. After that, wait until the full moon and dilute ash in drinking water, further drink contents, Go to the mirror and say the spell three times: “I will become a mermaid!”. Without wasting any time take a bath and go to bed, and in the morning you will become a mermaid.

How to become a mermaid summer

There are many different methods of transformation, but in this article we will look at the last. Everything, what you need, it is to be kind and sensitive man, then all your desires will be fulfilled. Believe in miracles, in spite of his age, Take care of loved ones and never refused to help. Then, see the mermaid, that you are a reliable person and will give you new abilities.

Never turn your back on your dreams and believe in miracles!

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