How to become a real vampire

On Earth, there are mythical creatures, vampires. This ruthless, heartless creature, which feed on the blood of people. In spite of this, some people want to become like beasts, but as they say, to each his own. Perhaps such people involves getting new abilities and immortality, and perhaps they are destined from birth to become such. so, this article will try to understand, how to become a vampire ordinary person. But before this, we will post a small vocabulary.

types of vampires

The thing is, vampires are of various kinds, If this simplified tree, then we get the following picture. There are blood-sucking vampires and energy, First of you have probably heard in various films, and the latter is not familiar to everyone, but they are no less dangerous. by the way, On our site you can also learn, how to become a mermaid.

How to become a real vampire

How to become a real vampire

Bloodsuckers, in turn, are divided into several groups yet. Some of them feed on absolutely everything alive, that there is on the planet. They are devoid of any human feelings: pity, love, compassion. Other much less kill, Only in case of emergency. That they simply vital, otherwise they will die from hunger. And the latter can kill in any quantity, but the main difference lies in the fact, they do not live in one place, and constantly travel.

Speaking of vampires are higher and lower layers. Accordingly, the first concern for their victims more carefully and fastidiously, they consume as food and pay only chosen people, those, which possess qualities worthy: by force, manhood, beauty. Besides vampires, relating to the category of the highest themselves are noble creatures.

In turn, lower the vampires are more simple lifestyle, they are not interested, what to eat and who pay. All that they need to, is to satisfy the needs of animal.

Do not forget, that any vampire devoid of human feelings, which means, you have to give up family, love, normal human pleasures and much more. In return, you get new abilities and immortality. so, how to become a vampire?

How to become a real vampire

These magical creatures kept secret circulation in the strictest confidence, and thus become a vampire is very difficult. In total there are not many ways, which will help you to fulfill the desire of, they are analyzed in this article,.

How to become a real vampire

How to become a real vampire

The first and most effective method of treatment – the bite of a real vampire. And a lot depends on, a vampire would you pay. What would you have bitten, you need to find the creature's habitat. This is a dangerous occupation, tk. Only a vampire will decide your fate, either he will kill you, or turn. But you need to stay sharp, to show their best qualities.

Another method of treatment – the curse of man. If you know is there are people, who hate you so much, that we are ready to curse, then maybe it is because of them you become a vampire. Only one person, to bring you damage. And, the more he feels hatred for you, the faster and more efficient to operate curse. But there is a downside, your life may simply break: You will be fired from work, It breaks up the family, Health will continually worsen.

The third way, that can help you, – an appeal to black magic. In this case, you are only two books will help, where are the special spells of transformation – “Ribbon of sacrifice” and “Book of blood”. But to get the data of the manuscript is very difficult, this is the main problem.

In addition to all of said, help you to become a vampire is furious desire. AND, if you think about it on a daily basis, then soon your dream will come true.

Sometimes it happens, that fate itself tells the person to be addressed, there is nothing to do about it even if, if a person does not want to become a vampire.

In the narrow circles rumors, that there are certain recipes, helping to become a vampire. for example, you can wait for the full moon and eat annelids, then you have to bite the common man. These actions should be enough.

Despite the large number of options, many people claim, that the conversion is only possible by the present vampire. And other ways, it's just a legend.

How to become an energy vampire

We reviewed the main options, which will help you to become a blood-sucking. Now let's talk about another group. Energy vampires – people, who live at the expense of someone else's energy. They suck people all the positive emotions. Although such a creature still remains a man, his actions very detrimental effect on the surrounding. A person can not even suspect, which is an energy vampire, but it will always miss the people with a lot of good emotions. It is among such creatures, a person becomes ill, he loses temper, and he starts to get bogged down on others.

There are also vampires, which possess additional characteristics. They are able to completely suppress his victim, then hypnotize her. Such people often use their powers for personal gain, so you need to be especially careful.

This article contains a sufficient number of legends Statement. The author hopes for your understanding. After all, in real life it is impossible to become a vampire, although you can play with your friends in various games.

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