How to become a fairy of the

Currently, many young girls have only one dream – to become a fairy. This is a very frank and really noble desire. But to become a fairy can not everyone wishing to, for this it is necessary to behave well, be obedient and smart girl. So try to meet these requirements. There are many ways, to help you become a fairy of the.

How to become a fairy for the second

how to become a fairy

how to become a fairy

The first method is very simple, you need to do only a few actions, then you become a fairy. First, find a small piece of paper and write on it your desire. Do not skimp on the words, Describe in detail how you can become whoever you want ( fairy water e.g., fire or air). Then pour a full glass of water and drink the contents to the bottom, a piece of paper with the desire to throw out the window. Important, leaf to fall as far as possible from you. by the way, sheet is not necessarily throw, you can just eat it and drink water. After that, go to bed and go to sleep soundly. on the morning, when you wake up, you've become a fairy.

How to become a fairy house

The second method is not less bad, pay enough attention. For the conversion you need a bowl of cold water, specific color a piece of paper (to determine in advance which elements you want to have: love, nature, water, etc.) and the mirror. To become a fairy love – heart cut out of red paper, nature – maple leaf green, water wave from blue sheet. Next, set fire to their crafts and put it in a bowl with water, make it so, so that it is reflected in a mirror. Then look yourself in the mirror and tell me clearly: “I want to be a fairy!”, repeat his words three times. Remember, it should be clear. If the fire goes out very quickly, it means, that you become a fairy.

How to become a fairy with wings

как стать настоящей феей

how to become a real fairy

Find a medium-sized container and put it in her ice, and then wait until it melts. Next, dip one hand into ice water and close your eyes. For 1-2 minutes, imagine in your mind who you want to become. It is important to know, What elements do you want to have.

Once these steps will go through, go to the bathroom and rub hands shampoo, then wash it off. Dry your hands with a towel and start to rub them against each other, treatment should be continued 1-2 minutes. After a few days you will become a fairy.

How to become a fairy Winx

Find an old bottle from a toilet water or cologne. Fill it with water and add 3 pinch of sugar, 3 a pinch of salt and one teaspoon of liquid soap. Then put the filled bottle on the window sill, there he must stand at least two weeks.

After the passed time magic spirits will be ready to use. Spray on themselves content for a couple of days, the present like turn into a fairy. After a few days your wish will come true.

How to turn into fairies forever

This transformation is possible only when the moon is full, so be patient and wait for the right time. Be prepared with a glass of water and a small piece of paper. On a sheet describe the details of how you want to be a fairy. At the time of the full moon walk up to the open window so, to the moon reflected in a glass of water, after which the lower leaf with the contents of the beaker and pour over water. After that, you will become a fairy.

The surest way how to become a fairy

To get something easier to just ask for it from someone in our case, we can turn to real fairies. To do this, you first have to call these wondrous creatures. To become a water fairy – sit by the lake or river, fairy fire – campfire, but if you want to be a fairy of the moon – you just need to look at the moon. In the latter case, there is a mandatory condition, The moon must be full.

Then himself, Call fairy, you wish to see ( for example, “the fire Fairy, Come to me!”). If you hear a slight rustling, or you feel a cool breeze, it will mean, that the fairy is near. Be sure to behave affably, otherwise the fairy would think, that new ability you need to perform bad deeds, and if your desire is not fulfilled never. If all goes well, then you will go home and lie down in my bed. In the morning you wake up already with new abilities and wings on his back.

How to become a fairy any element

You will need an ordinary toothpaste and a little patience. Take the tube in your hand and squeeze a little bit of content on your index fingers. Through 45 minutes toothpaste can be washed. After this, say aloud the words of the sacred: “I'm a fairy!”, Repeat this phrase five times. An hour later you should hear a strange voice of a fairy after that, you can ask her about whatever you want. Go to bed, and in the morning you wake up already fairy.

How to become a real fairy

This method is suitable only, if you spend the night at home alone. You nothing should distract, All attention is focused on your goal. Close your eyes and put your hands up. After this, say aloud this phrase three times: “I'm a fairy!”. We perform this operation in a few days, and your wish will come true.

The best way, to become a fairy

You need to do a very simple thing – to inspire myself, you fairy. To do this, believe heart and soul in his dream. Very soon you will know, that magic really exists, only need faith. Give kindness and positive all around, take care of relatives and friends people. Always smile, pleasant talk, the good and the magic words. Don't leave your friends in a difficult moment – after all, what would become a fairy, you need to learn the basic things. It is not necessary to perform magic rituals and cast spells. All you need is faith and a good heart. Only with these qualities you can become a fairy.

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