How to sew a corset properly?

If you are the owner of a thin waist and beautiful breasts, then you do not need to think about, how to sew a corset, to hide the flaws of the figure. But ladies, who have problems, We would like to have this piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Not everyone has the spare time, to pay him the exercises, dedicated to beautiful body. Pull the waist corset help. If there is, at least some - some sewing skills, you can get it yourself. Why spend the money in the store? Especially, if you use it every day is not going to.

How to sew a corset dress?

First of all, patience. Sewing corset - it is work, rather tedious.
Secondly, it's time for action.

  1. Choose a fabric and the shape of the corset.
  2. Measure the circumference of the hips, chest height and sides to build patterns.
  3. Make a pattern. Take basic, which should be strong, and linings. Apply them part of the pattern and cut out. Walk on the cut parts iron.
  4. All parts to sew together. Then corset of the base fabric joined to the backsheet corset. All seams should coincide. Otutyuzhte their.
  5. Exactly stitch paths for seed.
  6. To the front of the corset top sew the hem and turn it inside out. Insert the bone and make the bottom rim. On the wrong side of her ironed.
  7. base ready. Now we have to think about, how to zip up: hooks or laces.
  8. And last, sew a skirt.

How to sew a wedding corset?

How to sew a corset dress you already know. Wedding corset only different design. The wedding dress is almost always this detail. If the girl has a perfect figure, the corset can make translucent, it will give sexuality. Otherwise, when the figure has disadvantages, fabric should be chosen thick.
By the way, wedding corset - is an optional dress detail. It can be a laundry for the wedding night. In this case, it is decorated with fur and sew attachment for stockings. Ideally there will, if the corset made out of lace fabric, stockings and pick it appropriate.
Of course, sew wedding corset harder, as it must be perfect. If you are not confident in their abilities to sew, then you can buy it in the cabin.

How to sew children's corset?

Sewing children's corset is slightly different from the adult production of. for example, to make the pattern, optionally take measurements. Enough to take the girl's dress and re-draw on paper, not taking into account the neck and skirt. At the bottom of the pattern to slightly increase.
It is necessary to take three tissue: basic, sheeting for lining and linen for the lining. First, sew the sides of the front fabric, then liner and gasket together.
Next step. On the lining fabric to stitch four grooves for the seeds, stepping back two centimeters from the bottom edge. If you allow any - any embroidery, the, is the time to do it on the front fabric. Now sew facing each other and the lining of the main brace. Do not forget to leave a hole for, to be able to turn it.
Further, it is necessary to make holes for lacing. Punch them to identify and put grommets using a special device. If it is not, this function can be done in the studio or replace the lacing hooks. Before punching holes, adhesive seal the edges of the corset.
Now you have to unscrew and sew the bottom of the product. corset ready. Decorate it can be rhinestones. To make better use of the beautiful lace elastic. This same child, drag away waist he does not have.
Well, everything. Lesson sewing finished. Now you know, how to sew a corset.

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