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How to create a note in the contact

How to create a note in contact? Previously, it was easy. Link to user notes located on the left panel of the page, among the list of available groups, events and messages.

Now you can also create a note, anywhere this feature of “In Contact” has not got to, but it is located in a different place. Written specifically checked the instructions below to add a note to a contact, and can say with confidence, that the method is simple and works well.

Adding interesting in contact

On your page there is a box, where you can leave a message on the wall. In the lower right corner this field is a button “Attach”.

  1. Click on this button and select from the list of “Note”.
  2. In the Immediate window record all, we wanted to put in a note, select fonts, add animation, and write the name on a separate line.
  3. After that, as the article is ready, click on the “finish”button. Sketch a note appears on top of the other messages to your wall.
  4. Click “Add”. article published.

If you do not want, to see all your recording, the edit notes select privacy For friends. review, written in contact, can be duplicated in livejournal, clicking the appropriate button under the text.

To see a note, wrote a few days ago, not necessarily flipping all messages on the wall. Simply click on “My records” and you will see all notes written by date of publication.

In the “My notes” you can use bookmarks. They are convenient, that you enter text markup html and allows you to post notes on the links to other resources.

If you already know, how to create interesting in contact, but do not know, how to look, try typing in the browser address, and then follow our instructions.

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