How to create an appointment?

create an appointment

How to create an appointment in Touch?

For business people, who do not spend time on trifles, social media has created all the conditions for successful business. In particular, in a contact, you can open a group, advertise website, or hold an open conference. Moreover, if the entrepreneur plans to communicate with a potential buyer in person, we will tell, how to create an appointment in the pages in Touch.

What is a “Meeting contact”?

To create an appointment in the contact means to announce to their subscribers about the planned event in real life. This is an opportunity to inform friends about the virtual conference, or the beginning of the training.

For, to create appointments in contact, you must be a registered user of social networks and have a certain number of subscribers in the group.

If you do not have a group, no problem, simply open the page in VKontakte. Look in the left corner of the menu “My groups”. Select “Create community”.

Click on the button “Create community” and from the menu choose “Create event”. Leave this item ticked and click on the button “Create community” again.

How to enter the meeting details in contact?

As soon as you will see a box with graphs alleged events, do not hurry. Thoroughly review and in order, you have to. Required line fill accurately and carefully, since they determine the correctness of the information generated in a meeting.

This list item will be “community overview”. They can not be ignored, because this is where you give a description of the event, specify the time and place, as well as to disclose the cost of tickets. This also enter a website address, where all the information about the event will be located.

If not all of the main lines will be filled, invite friends for a scheduled meeting, you can not. therefore, creating a meeting in Touch, carefully check each line. At the end press “Save”.
After a small period of time page set up the meeting appears in Touch. Now you can invite your friends to it, extend the reference for a meeting among friends and colleagues.

On the page of the meeting you will be able to add photos, in messages to update information and post reviews of previous events.

A few tips on creating a meeting

New Appointment page, Many users do not understand in Touch, how to edit data already inscribed, or change photos on page.

The easiest way: all edits to make individual messages on the page to create an appointment.
If you need to change the original photo, then pay attention to the field, which are under the initial message. Click on “community Management”, clicking on which you can edit the source file and change photos.

The next time the “advance” of the meeting in Contact will be the invitation. If you are not configured to monotonous work, You can refer to administration of the resource.

For this, on the page of the meeting click on the menu “Organizers” and add the address administration Now, in your meeting the organization will help the professionals. Click “Save”.
Everything, with a question, how to create an appointment, you understand, proceed to the solution of current issues, the event was “a great success”.

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