How to create a torrent tracker

Torrent files and distribution recently gaining momentum. Among experienced users, they have already proved themselves, as the best tool for downloading and information returns, and many newcomers still simply unaware of their existence. Torrent trackers allow Internet users to find and download rare materials, films, music, games, documents and other.

If you are inspired by the data creation, you can try to create your own online resource. But many do not know, what to do and ask, how to create a torrent tracker. The following will try to emphasize the main points and highlight some of the pitfalls.

How to create a torrent tracker. main

Before creating your own life it is important to consider in advance all and make a definite plan of action. It must hurt a moment, as access to torrent. Will Internet users to download any favorite file without further action, or else they will have to get registered. Experienced web masters advise is to create private resources, so you can create your own client base. But in this case on your tracker materials should be exceptional, unique and qualitative.

How to create a torrent tracker

How to create a torrent tracker

After that, you need to decide by the tracker. It must be developed using PHP, and on this basis it is already possible to continue to work. On the Internet you can find a lot of ready-made modifications. Probably, the most optimal and common among them are TBSource / TBDev (php implementation). These programs are absolutely free, which is a huge advantage.

How to create a torrent. hosting

After the choice of the tracker needs to find its rightful place, where it will be located. The choice of hosting, it is a separate and extensive topic of conversation, but we will try to highlight the main points, without which it is impossible to move on.

First of all, Hosting should support PHP. Sam Tracker does not require large technical features, so you can use the free service provider, or buy cheaper rates. Important, to php was higher 5 versions. In addition you will need MySQL database (version is not below 5.0) and the shell to work with it, the most popular one is phpMyAdmin.

How to create a torrent tracker. Database

Now open the file, where all the php scripts, find the main file – database.sql. Initially, it is in the SQL folder. Now you need the script to work with the database phpMyAdmin. Access to it can be possible to obtain, by entering its name into the address bar of the browser immediately after the site's domain name. You will see a window with an interface, where you need to create a new database (database).

Think BM name and select “Comparison”, Here you must specify the encoding, it is best to choose cp1251_gеnеrаl_ci. Left click on the “Create”button, and the database will be ready. Now you need to import your file on your computer to a new database. To do this, find the section “SQL” and the tab “Import”, click on it. Before you open a new window, where you need to enter to let the computer file. click Finish.

How to create a torrent tracker. Settings

Locate the folder include, go to it and open the file called secrets.php. Here you need to work with the following parameters:

  1. $mуsql_pаss = “pаsswоrd” – укажите собственный пароль. Be careful to write it on a separate sheet.
  2. $mуsql_hоst = “localhost” – данный параметр оставьте без изменений.
  3. $mуsql_usеr = “user” – внесите имя пользователя.
  4. $mуsql_db = “tbdev” – здесь необходимо указать новое имя БД (Database).

Now you are ready to download files to the tracker. How do you understand the answer to the question, how to create a torrent tracker, very simple. You only need a little work.

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