How to create your blog on the net?

Person – Living being, who has his own feelings, thoughts, ideas, emotions. Sometimes he wants to speak, “lift the soul”. Nowadays the most common way of expression – Writing your thoughts in the infinite space of the network. This can be done with the help of with the help of a personal diary or blog. And those, and the other now a huge number, so there are several ways to create a blog. Probably heard all about “HF” – livejournal, system This is one of the most famous online diaries servers, where you can view other people's blogs and add them to friends page, leave comments on entries, conduct collective blogs. LiveJournal is actively functioning in the role of social networks and is still popular. Let us consider, how to create a blog. Create a blog in this system simply elementary:



  • You need to go to the website of the system, click on the button “Create an account”, fill in a small questionnaire, containing simple questions, come up with a login and password, – generally, pass an ordinary registration procedure. After it should wait for the letters to e-mail, confirm your registration, and then start creating your blog – customize the interface, choose a theme, choose a name, Further – to express themselves and to rejoice. The system has a good interface – you will easily be able to find your friends, already have a blog, creation of posts and attach the photos will not take long, and your posts because of this will become more colorful and bright. You can also view news, choose their favorite records, or vice versa, exclude those users, note that you are not interested in, just a few clicks.
  • The second way, how to create a blog differs fundamentally from the first one, it is more appropriate web enthusiasts, who possess the ability to buy a domain and to order a hosting. hosting – service, providing the opportunity to post information on the server, permanently located in the network. The service also includes the provision of space for the database, file storage, mail and, of course, provided support for the operation of necessary services.

domain – in fact, URL of your site. In this case, such systems are not used, how and, because modern web hosting companies provide users with a number of programs-CMS, such, as Joomla, Drupal и WordPress. They all perform a single function – content editing. Each of them has its own database, storing content. WordPress was created specifically for blogs and still is a favorite CMS developers and designers. This software is easy to install and configure parameters.

a diary

diary on Blogpost

If you feel insecure and do not have extensive knowledge in programming, necessary for Joomla and Dupler, feel free to choose WordPress. But if you have experience, you will find, that Joomla has more options, than other CMS. Generally, the choice is yours. Choose your favorite CMS, proceed to create diary. To start, you need to go to the software, set as the main CMS WordPress engine (or any other). Load it takes a little time and runs completely automatically, so you will not have difficulties. In fact, all is ready. Next, go to the website, again come up with a login and password, choose a design theme, We put additional modules, and remove all unnecessary – blog ready.

The advantages of this method of how to create a blog there: First of all, there is virtually unlimited extensions and settings, and more – you are your own and creator, and the administrator in person and one person.


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