How to create a page in VKontakte?


Create a public page

Good to have a page on the social network. You can communicate with classmates, colleagues and friends. If a person is engaged in business, and Internet is the main platform for promoting his business, creating a public page in the contact can be of great benefit.

Creating a public page in VKontakte

When you create a page in VKontakte, the appropriate type must be selected when registering. for example: “place or a small company”, “work, goods or products” or “famous person, team”.

How to create a page in touch, so that it becomes accessible to most users? It is necessary to organize a group, and when you make it, choose the “create page”. Then you set it to the type of. call her.

Remember, that the name of the public in the contact page you can change the first 24 o'clock. You do not have time to do it, will have to be content with, what is.

How to make page VKontakte

Having dealt with the, how to create a page in VKontakte to the public, go to the settings menu. In public settings page field wider, than in the conventional group. Here you can place the address of the site, e-mail box and other contacts, you can contact members and the administration of “Vkontakte”.

On the wall of the page you place the description of the company, post photos and videos, create a poll. Now you yourself to appoint and dismiss the administrator of this group. You can connect a new option to block and uncomfortable buttons.

The only drawback public page in Contact is the lack of “News” and the corresponding section in the profile. All references and notes has the right to display only the administrator, and users comment on this entry.
But in other way, creating a page in the contact as much as possible public, by itself dictates the rules to its subscribers.

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