How to Create a Public?

Social networks have now become an integral part of every Internet user. Someone looking for them communion, someone finds inspiration, but many suffer social network part of his business.

In this article, we will focus on that, how to create a contact pablik, and thus make their business popular.

The first steps in the creation of public

If you are tired of reading other people's public pages, and you dream to become a popular user to your contact, you should think about, how to create a Public. Ways to create a lot of. We consider one, the most successful.

To create a Public, need to:

  1. Go to your profile and choose the tab “My groups”.
  2. Next step – press the button “Create community”.
  3. a window will appear in front of you with the proposed types of communities. Choose one thing close to you in spirit and business specifics.
  4. Click “Create community”.
  5. Again, enter a name and choose a category of public. for example: small company, or activities, or website. In short, You choose what, that is closer to your occupation. Carefully read terms of use and end up being OK.

Congratulations, Public your already exists. It remains to fill the page interesting content and invite friends and guests. Open Public settings and enter a short reference to the new group. Here you can add a description, category, and date of creation of this group. In principle, filling all the graph does not necessarily, but in a good pablike they are full of meaning.

How to promote Public

pablik in contact

How to Create a Public in Touch?

By creating a group, adding to it the necessary material and media files, to the user question: how to promote created Public? Only two options. The first commercial. The second free. Let us consider them in order.

Paid advertising Public

Promotion of public money involves:

  • advertising through special agencies;
  • advertising through Ad Exchange;
  • contextual advertising in social networks “Vkontakte”;
  • Server service groups and promotion of sites.

Free promotion of public

This time-consuming process, requiring the user a great commitment and free time. But the effect of this method of promotion of public differs from pay. First of all, you attract people alive, Secondly, you know, that all subscribers are interested in your Public Information.

For free methods include:

  • optimization for search group in contact;
  • invitations to join the group;
  • to attract interested users to other sites;
  • closely with similar Pablik in contact;
  • organization of competitions, meetings and events through the profiles of the group;
  • the use of specialized programs and scripts.

We told you, how to create a Public in Touch, We describe a method for its promotion. Now only depends on you success in implementing our tips into practice.

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