How to create your personal account on the resource?


Create your personal account

Today, the Internet provides a wealth of resources and a variety of services. It has long been customary for the man was performing some actions on the Internet: Many users make payments only on the network, without leaving home: bought products, make money transfers, also many things from different parts of the world it is now possible to purchase only online.

But the implementation of certain functions are available only if the personal account, so you need to know, how to create a personal account. Personal Area – service, provided by many websites, representing a personal page, to which only the user can enter, who knows your password or code. In fact, personal account is created, when you register on any website, and contains your personal data, which can take only you and no one else.

so, how to create a personal account? Make it pretty simple. Consider the example of WebMoney payment system. This e-wallet, where your money is stored. With it, you can make payments and receive money. To register you will need:


Personal account in WebMoney

  • to fill out the necessary form
  • leave your email address and phone number. The phone number is necessary in order, that when making a payment you received a SMS confirmation, without which it is impossible to make a payment. It provides the security and convenience.

After you create a new account can be accessed those services, who can not make a simple visit site. for example, you can consult your questions with the help of feedback, that is not available for unregistered users.
WebMoney – is not the only payment system, There are more Master Card, Yandex money, RBK Money, Visa, Unistream. The latter specializes in money transfers on the territory of Russia.

Every year the communications on the Internet is becoming faster and more perfect, the network is a virtual treasure trove of information. Actively developing the so-called e-commerce, which involves the transfer of goods around the world by means of communication via the Internet. This increases the availability not only of various goods and services, but also domestic needs, technology, entertainment.

Many stores now exist only on the Internet, because to put a catalog of available products on the site easier, than to rent premises at different points in the city, recruit qualified staff. Now everything has become easier: the customer can choose a favorite it commodity, see his photos and specifications, description and reviews, acquire, later to pick it up.

Create a personal account gives many advantages, eg, Many Internet service providers offer a personal account. With it, you can be aware of your cash balance, You will be warned in advance about the debt, You will be able to connect to various services offered. But, the most important thing, you do not leave the house and do not contact the department ISPs.


Personal account in the Federal Tax Service

That's considered, how to create a personal account, which also allows you to make utility payments, taxes, signing up, eg, on the website of the Federal Tax Service. You can get the latest information about the objects of property, to learn about the amount of accrued and paid payments, of debts, also receive a receipt, which will only be filled with a special program, and then also pay with a personal account, without leaving home. AND, of course, you can apply to the tax authorities without a personal visit to inspect.

If you have problems you can always take advantage of the rules of use of site, where you will find useful information.

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