How to create a game in "Vkontakte" – the main points

Vkontakte is a social network, in which there are a large number of users. You can not just talk, but also to play. This will require to find out, how to create a game in "Vkontakte"?

basic steps

The procedure for creating games on the network consists of several stages:

  • created the concept. This is necessary even if, if there is no customer. These limits positioning of the target audience for games is not provided,Game-walker
  • created gameplay. This indicator is important for all games. It allows you to identify, what genre will treat you to create projects: action, shooter, RPG, etc.,
  • Game mechanics - is the miscalculation of mathematical processes, used in the game. Failure to comply with the balance of the damage of a particular weapon, possibly, that some users will come from the project.
  • Further develop the game prototype. This will require professional programmers. At this stage, it creates a map of locations and game engine.
  • At this stage the concept of character. attracted designer, designers, Concept Artists. finished project, without dialogue, characters and content location, is provided to the customer. When you need to make some changes.
  • At this point, the game is ready to 70%, including content. The project becomes public. Held, as a private, and an open set of testers. Developed feast company.
  • The game is set on the public to make edits.

With these steps, question, how to create a game in "Vkontakte" closed. It should be taken into account, that any such project works with the help of flash-technology. In addition, the editor need to find out, what is API Vkontakte. Also need to know the language Action Script 2.0.

Causes and characteristics of creating games on the net

How to create a game in "Vkontakte" of interest to many users on the network. There are several reasons. Many games are created to recharge or purchase of any Attribute. methods, by which monetized product - mass. It should be taken into account, hundred more 50% money leaves the company, to establish aMini-game "In contact with"Tieliu network. Anyway, the first stage of the creation of such a project is not worth thinking about income.

Most games are created using specialized software, developed by professionals. The simple interface and the functionality of these programs allow you to create a simple application for contact. The most simple language game programming in "Vkontakte" is considered Basic.

special medium is required in the network for the implementation of the project. You can download it in the global network. Game to be interactive, it is recommended to learn object-oriented programming language.

The important point in this issue is a visual shell game. To do this, you can ask for help to the artist. Visual embodiment has a direct influence on each player. Add the game in "Vkontakte" through "Application" – "Add app". In this case, the creator of such a project must follow the policy of this resource, taking into account a spam mailing list to friends.

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