How to create a game in Odnoklassniki?

Social networking is a daily activity for most of us. they, paid attention, know, that such a resource as Odnoklassniki has hundreds of millions of users and huge popularity. But many people forget, and sometimes do not know, that this resource can also be the basis of a small business. And all, thank videogames.

Do not expect big profits here, because a significant portion, roughly speaking, half to get resource. But at a certain percentage of interest in your product it can also be a decent income.

If you do not have enough skills and knowledge to develop serious programs for games, how to create a game in Odnoklassniki? For starters, you can use the Scratch - a free computer environment, developed by the MIT Media Lab for children 8-16 years in order to teach them programming. But it is used by people of all ages. And you may need to programm Game Market Lite (Free).

The process of creating the game

Creating a game on Odnoklassniki

Creating a game on Odnoklassniki

He is rather complex and includes several stages:

  • To create a game at all, not just in Odnoklassniki, you need to come up with a storyline. It can be simple - simple tutorial or puzzle game. But most video games developed in the popular role-playing, or action genres, where a player can raise their level. Symbols are a separate step in the development of video games.
  • The next stage – creating game characters to interact with players. Symbols come in two types - game characters (NPC) and the nature of the gamer. Some games have only one hero, operated by the player, several other characters created, of which the player can choose one. Character design includes sketches and 3D animation using computer programs, eg, Maya.
  • The next step, After the character is drawn and scanned in 3D-software application, It will be the development of motion character of the program. Most games have several dozen movements, given by the characters using a joystick or keyboard.
  • It was time to create a gaming environment, in which the player will travel. It is similar to the process of creating characters, it is very important to pay attention to detail, with their help the game become more interesting and more realistic.
  • There are several programming languages, used for game development. But the most important is C++ object-oriented programming language. You can use the most simple Basic. Its simple commands allow a person, even a little familiar with the programming, create an object and make it move.
  • The final stage is testing the application from beginning to end, note any problems or buggy graphics and eliminate errors.

But the main question that interests, how to create a game in Odnoklassniki, and not just on your computer. Therefore, go to the following actions.
Once the game is tested, you can post it on a social network.

To do this,:

  • Launch the web browser, go to the site Classmates, Open your account.
  • Go to Games and at the very bottom of the page, click to Place the game and the "text".

It is important to pay attention to the resource policy against spam to friends. Well, Besides, unlikely to encourage low-quality site hack, and the user is not so much interested in, But they - potential consumers of the product, from which will depend on your income.

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