How to create a group and classmates

Many of us today use social networking sites in order, to chat with friends, search for classmates, to simply, look, how things are going with friends. But few people know, that with the help of social networks can collect around him special interest groups, or simply promote your small business.

In this you can help the social network Classmates. After all, it is precisely this function, which is called “create group”. If you do not know, how to create a group and classmates, we'll teach you.

Creating a group and classmates

Create a group in Odnoklassniki

Create group

  • In the top box of your page at Classmates you see all the main menu items, available to you as the page owner. You can view the pages of their friends, You can send and receive messages, and more. Among these items there is a tab “groups”.
  • In order to create the group, go to the menu and click on the box titled “create group”.
  • Now you have two possible options of the future group: interest or business group. You need to decide. for example, if this group, which will bring together people you know for certain interests, select and click on the box “interest”. If you want to start or promote your business, then click on the box “in the business”.
  • When choosing a group “of interest”, you will need to determine, whether it will be open to all groups, or wishing to join it need to ask for your permission.
  • Selecting the group type “business”, you will see a window, in which you need to fill in some information. You will need to enter your name, short (up to two hundred words) Describe the activities and direction of the group. On request, you can enter an address (if it is a store or a warehouse) and phone numbers, in which everyone will be able to find you. Contact information in this case would be needed on your team page.
  • And now, knowing, how to create a group and classmates, click on the icon “create”. It means, that you agree to all the terms and rules of the social network Odnoklassniki to create such a group.
  • Now you have to design a page to your group. To do this, you have created a title that will open the group you need to place a background image. None of your photos, and that, which will tell visitors about the theme group. for example, if a group of people united by partiality for cooking, then the photo should be anything related to cooking. Or if it's your business, it can be placed on a photo of your company logo or type of activity, she is engaged.
  • After that you can go to the sidebar page in the menu “settings” and change the settings then, that apply. for example, You can change the style of the page or group name.

It now remains to load a page of your group related information, all kinds of photos and Well, of course, invite friends. It was invited by friends to disseminate information about your group on a network through your friends. So you and your group will achieve fame, if the goal you are pursuing and.

Good luck and success in the field of Internet resources.

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