How to create a chat in ICQ

Creating chat in ICQ

Creating chat in ICQ

Today, in the age of speed and of computer technology almost every one of us tries to be in touch with your “environment” continuously. We're all for one reason or another are constantly engaged in dialogue with many people on the phone, through social networks or by any other means. One such chat icq.

This allows simultaneous communication with a large number of subscribers without any disturbance. How to create a chat in ICQ, we'll tell you.

First of all you must understand any user, that requires a certain program to create icq chat, which will allow him to start work without problems. One such program is JimBot (you can also use the application jawa).

so, stages of creating chat:

  • go to;
  • You download the program to your PC, You unzip it and install, following the instructions. Be sure to watch, to files under bot.jar names and JimBotManager.jar had one common location (single folder);
  • The next step in creating icq chat will transition into this same folder and run jimbot.jar. Do not be intimidated, If your monitor is not yet nothing changes. So you're doing it right;
  • then you need to run the second file in the same folder, which has the name JimBotManager.jar. When you run it on your monitor window pops up, wherein the value will be MySQL. Click on it, and it will prompt you to make it run. Follow the instructions and just start the bot;
  • if all actions you have done correctly, then in the lower right corner of your monitor will display flower, which will flash. Appearing flower gives you permission to click on the Bot and then just run “admin”;
  • by logging into your admin panel, you choose the menu “settings” and set convenient to you settings. You can then safely click on the “Start”button, which will appear in the line ChatBot;
  • contacts in the column it is necessary to enter all the UIN subscribers, with whom you want to chat in ICQ. If a new contact wants to chat with you “live” them, you first need to make a request. And all of your contacts do not forget to give your UIN.

And do not forget, icq chat that you created will appear in your active subscribers only, when your PC is turned on. How to create a chat in the ICQ now we know.

Go ahead and enjoy communication!

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