How to save login?

Save your login to any website is a snap: after that, you first go to the website, login will be automatically saved

login preservation

login preservation

your browser. But how to keep your login and password together - this is a completely different situation, requires some additional actions.

If you have not installed in your browser settings, which allow never save passwords, then it after, how you type your password and login, the browser will prompt to save your password. You have two options: click "Yes" or "No., not now", according to the situation, if you are not very convenient to save your password right now.

How to save login, Once you have clicked "No, never "or" No, not for this site »? It turns out, what, clicking one of these commands, you disable automatic saving of passwords. No problem, the situation can be remedied, because each browser provides a way, which allows you to change settings.

How to save the username and password in the most popular browsers:

  • Internet Explorer (IE) - first of all you need to click in the upper right corner of the "Service", then choose from the list of "Internet Options", now you need to find the "Content" bar and open the "AutoComplete". Next to this button, locate the "Options", will screen "AutoComplete Settings". If you want to save the login for a site VKontakte, then you need to open the "User names and passwords on forums" and tick the "Prompt before saving password". Now go to the site, you will get prompted to save a password, choose a site, where to save your password, Now you will be able to;
  • Mozilla Firefox - over the address bar select the button "Tools" in the popup menu, select "Settings" and click on the line "Protection", at this point you need to tick the "Remember passwords for sites", If the tick is not there. Now you need to choose sites, for which you want to save passwords, To do this, open the menu "Exceptions" and remove unwanted sites, leaving, eg, and;
    Opera - need to open the browser menu and find "Settings", then select "General Settings" and open it. In the window that opens, find the tab "Forms", in which you need to select the "Enable password management" and mark it tick. The choice must be confirmed, pressing the "OK". Now I am going to the site, every time you will need to confirm the saving of passwords in Odnoklassniki and VKontakte, by clicking on the button "Yes, save password ";
  • Safari - to save their data in the browser, you will need to click on the menu item, The marks gear, located in the upper right corner, where to open the "Settings" and "AutoComplete". For further work is necessary to press the "User names and passwords", if on the other hand "Never save" box is checked, you need to remove it, then the passwords will be saved. If you've ever clicked "Never for this site", you will need to go to the menu "Edit", which is located next to the menu "User names and passwords". In the list of sites you need to find the right and remove it from there, in this case, and;
  • Chrome - the browser to find the button, which is indicated by a wrench, then choose the personal material items "Manage saved passwords" and "Never save". In the drop-down list, select the desired sites and you remove them from this list. Now if you go to websites or, Google Chrome gives you a request to save passwords, which should agree.

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