How to change your password in the ICQ

Changing the password in the ICQ

Changing the password in the ICQ

instant messaging program ICQ (To in common parlance as "ka"), allowing users to share information, It requires a user name and password. But there are some unpleasant moments, when someone curious looks in your personal correspondence, crudely interfering in your affairs. How to change the password in the "ICQ"?

Change your password at any time via ICQ settings menu.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • open your ICQ program, by clicking the "Start", "All Programs" and then, by clicking on "ICQ" icon, open it;
  • click on the "Menu" icon, select "Settings & Privacy", then the "Security" tab, then click "Password";
  • fill in the fields "Enter your current password", "Enter your new password in the field", "Repeat new password";
  • click "Apply" to save the password change, and "OK", to close the menu and return to the working window ICQ.

Change the password using an alternative client

QIP2005 - Russian free proprietary client for Windows. Changing the password is similar to a password change on ICQ.

  • Log in to your account, go to "Menu". Select "Settings", then "General" and "Change the password of the account". This will connect you to the change password in;
  • in the opened window, in the text box "Enter your current password" enter your current password. Go to the text field "Enter new password", Enter a new password;
  • press "OK", save password.

Change the password using the control questions

  • When you first get access to your account information exchange system, you must:
  • create a password and a security question.
  • To change the password in the "ICQ", go to the "Forgot Password",
  • in the window that opens, fill in the required fields.

Important, you to remember any data, with which your account has been registered.

Change the password using the add-on applications

ICQ Password Changer tool, designed for users of ICQ 6.x , 7.x , ICQ и ICQ Lite 7. This is an effective application, designed, to reset or replace lost (forgotten) password and account details, including if your account is blocked. You do not need to re-establish and change the configuration of the operating system. You can simply log in with a blank password.

ICQ Password is used to recover and change passwords for ICQ numbers (lost or forgotten ). Important, the password, you are trying to restore, stored on your computer, ie you are recovering your password, rather than trying to hack someone else.

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