How to copy text from the site?

Many times each of us faced with the, that study, for work or for any other purpose it was necessary to copy the desired text fragment from any site on the Internet, but it did not work: text was copy-protected. Of course, Several proposals can be dialed again, but if a large amount of text, the knowledge of, how to copy text from the site is clearly useful?
Luckily, all problems have a solution, and in this situation, too, there is a way, or rather several.

Consider the order of a few options, how to copy text from the site, which is protected

  • There are ways, be mentioned, as having a place to be, but using them is not recommended, since they are time-consuming, and for copying of only text and outdated. The essence of their next: is a screen shot of your text by using «PrtScr» keys («PrintScreen»); then, eg, using a standard program for working with images «Paint», from the clipboard is pasted pictures and save, and then treated as text in a special program. You can use OCR, intended for scanner. This method is useful only in the case, if your text contains the formula, including complex, graphics, tables.
  • There are also special programs, ons and utilities, which are designed specifically for this purpose: they can be absolutely any copy-protected text on the screen, as well as inscriptions from the scanned images and photos. The principle of operation of such programs is simple: in settings exposed desired area ("Arbitrarily", "Full Screen", "Browser" and others), selected language and specify the path to save the file, Then press the button "Make a picture" or the key combination «Alt» + «Enter». The advantage is that, programs that recognize text in different languages, and if the desired language in the basic version of the program is not, it can additionally download. You can find a large number of such programs from different categories, including Freeware, that is distributed free of charge.
  • The next way that, how to copy text from the site much easier to above. Open in a browser tab is saved, eg, on the desktop and then open with "Notepad" program, Microsoft Word or other programs for working with text. Among the abundance of superfluous information and pictures is desired text.
  • You can also copy the text directly from your browser, viewing html-code page. To do this in Internet Explorer and Google Chrome browsers, you click "View Code HTML» (или «View Page Source») in the "View" menu, and in Mozilla Firefox and Opera browsers, you can do so by pressing the key combination «Ctrl» + «U». After this html-code appears in an additional window that opens, in which the search for the desired text, and then copy it. If the amount of code is too large, then to find the desired text, you can use the search. Search bar appears when you click the right mouse button and select "Find" or using the key combination «Ctrl» + «F».

After selecting text using a cursor can exercise its copy text from the site by pressing a combination of keys «Ctrl» + «C» (like pushing the second mouse button and select "Copy"), a piece of text is copied to the clipboard, and then, placing the cursor in the right place, press «Ctrl» + «V» ("Paste"), followed by the text you want displayed in the file.

Sometimes sites, where the text is available for selection cursor, but the "Copy" menu item is inactive, You can also try to copy it using the key combination «Ctrl» + «C».

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