How to copy link?

For novice Internet users, every new issue seems complicated and requires special knowledge. It is not so!

how to copy the link
how to copy the link

Use of the Internet sites of the problem is quite simple and easily solvable. Do not be afraid of, and it costs only a few times to try, and succeed. All once were "dummies" in terms of computer use and the worldwide Internet network. And do not think, that experienced users are much smarter than you, just have more experience and the experience of working with online resources and websites.

We felt complexity, you do not know, how to copy link? Let's understand in this matter. And then, for active people the inability to use, and work on the site - well, it's just uncomfortable!

Large trade online, the spread of online stores, Service sites leads us to actively work with those pages. If the goods found quality, or vice versa, We want to warn their friends and relatives about the bad faith, we need to send them a targeted site link. For this, first you need to know, how to copy link.

Links to stores

In the search browser, write the name of the site, Opens the web page store:

  • The first step - by pressing the right mouse button opens the menu items, needed to work;
  • The second step - choose to copy the link address;
  • And the last - inserted into a message to friends extract information about the address of the page link.

Links to products

It happens, you need to compare or recommend a certain type of service or product specific companion network. To do this,:

  • open the web site;
  • select the required product;
  • move the mouse cursor over the address in a search engine;
  • by pressing the right mouse select the menu item to copy the link;
  • fully-allocated address – Copy contents by selecting "Paste" in the message.


Many sites on the sales of goods work with clients by adding custom links. To make a purchase, and not to worry about the order, We need to do the following steps:

  • open the required us the goods on the page of the online store. There must be complete information about the product - name, picture, description, dimensions, Colour, article, etc.;
  • summing up the mouse cursor on the address bar in the search box;
  • fully allocated to address the clicking the right mouse;
  • press the right button and select the option "Copy";
  • translate the mouse to the order form on the website of the store and in the window "Link to item" fix;
  • by pressing the right mouse button choose the option "Paste". After all these steps, in the order form will be present selected link.

Other ways to copy links

Also, to clarify the question how to copy the link, there are other ways of copying.

In the address bar is allocated the entire link text by clicking the left mouse button, hold the key to the second end. In this way, released all the information reference address. Click on the right mouse button on the highlighted text and select the option "Copy" and all, Link already in the memory buffer.

You can copy the link and through the use of combinations on the keyboard, this path much more quickly will help to make action. To do this, select the entire address bar and press Ctrl +C. Further insertion steps is absolutely simple – right mouse button, select the option "Insert" and all, action completed. Although you can use a combination of Ctrl+V, to speed up the process of copying and pasting.

After listening to some simple tips, can easily "outdo" wiseacre, which also initially did not know how to, afraid to press a button on your computer. All were learning, and through the use of tips and tricks, become active visitors of sites and Internet pages.

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