How to copy the message to Odnoklassniki?

Why do we need to use the message backup?

Up messages on Odnoklassniki

Up messages on Odnoklassniki

Communicating in the "Classmates" we have the need to send large interlocutor, can say, huge text messages or, for example, send correspondence between users. Not to gain, spending a lot of time to retype this text, there is an easy way to "how to copy the message", containing large text. Exists, least, three ways to copy the message to Odnoklassniki, which are below and talk.

Method №1 - performed with the mouse

This method is very common and easy, therefore, it should not be difficult. First, choose a text, you want to copy the message. Then, with the mouse select the text, it should be covered by a blue background. To copy the message to Odnoklassniki, after making a selection of text, on a blue background click the right mouse button and select the "Copy". Then we go to the place, where you want to copy, pressing the right mouse button, select the function "Paste". That's all text copied to the other party, It remains only to send it.

Method №2 - up, using the Shift key and scroll arrows

Action is, when you select text that we do not use the mouse, and the Shift key and arrow keys "Up", "Way down". That is also put the mouse cursor at the beginning or end of the text. Hold the Shift key and arrow keys select the text, also highlighted in blue background. Next, we perform the same operation, with the mouse: "Copy" and "Paste" in the right place.

Method №3 - hotkeys come to the rescue

Hot keys - is the key, that much faster action simplify and reduce the time (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V).
If your text stand out using the mouse, now just need to put the mouse over the desired text and press Ctrl + A, due to which the full text is highlighted. After separation by pressing Crtl + C, by this hot key duplication occurs in all of the selected text. We are moving to a place, where you want to insert, Sets the cursor and press Ctrl + V - is the key inserts the copied text.

Some of the possible line-up of all 3 ways between each other
All of these methods can be combined with each other to each other. for example:

method №1 + method №3

You can do so:

  • Use the mouse to select all the desired text or part of it;
  • Hot key Ctrl+C produced the copy;
  • In the right place right click, click "Paste".

method №2 + method № 3

  • Select the text by pressing Ctrl+A;
  • Copied using the right mouse button the function "Copy";
  • Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+V, paste the copied text to the right place.

All of these three ways, you can compose music as desired or used separately, choose the most convenient and practical. But every man likes in its, The above are just some of the many line-up.
Choose one, which is pleasing to the soul and to communicate further forward.

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