How to throw a link?

Number of users of the World Wide Web is growing exponentially. And that is remarkable, no definite gradations of age, sex or place of residence. Young visitors kindergarten write messages to each other, communicate in networks. A retired communicate daily with friends and family, located on the other side of the Earth and a good command of all the functions of social networks and contact systems.

how to throw a link

how to throw a link

Everyone can use any browser or instant messaging program, searchers movies, books, goods, baby accessories, medicines, etc.. But there are cases, when you need to share with a friend or loved one with certain information, which is impossible to retell. To share an interesting video simply copy the material in question and also uncomfortable, during the loading and transfer errors may occur, and delivered information to be defective.

To avoid problems, We need to find, how to throw a link to the desired page. Now we are going to deal with. that send a link the video, you need to go directly to video:

  • right-click on the video and copy the information in the address bar;
  • information in the address bar should highlight and right click copy or Ctrl+V;
  • sending a message to a friend, before or after the combination push Ctrl + C, in this way, insert selected information before the address bar.

Subject to these simple rules, You can successfully deal with the question of "how to throw a link?». A precision can be checked by moving the cursor arrow on the inserted reference and should buy a blue font color.

What to do, when you need to send a picture or an image of the scanned text, tables, located on a social network page,? In order not to give a link to the site, with full manual entry, and so on, enough to bring right-click on the image. open options, in which you need to select the desired item. Depending on your browser, list of items may vary. But, It goes mainly focuses on the picture, and select the section "Open image in new tab". The new discovery image in a new tab will only reflect the image without too much information. And then it all as usual.

  • Right mouse click on the picture, in the address bar, select a link.
  • Copy the information about the link and send a message to your friends.

It seems to be found all. And how to be with reference, which come to us from friends and relatives? How to work with them? It is very simple:

  • allocate a link address;
  • fix the cursor in the browser's search box and pressing the right mouse button select the menu item "Paste" – further search.

If the address link copied to the sender with no errors, so, Page will be opened without delay. Should pay particular attention to the state of the personal computer, possibly, there is a need to install new software, cleansing of old or unnecessary files, etc..

Problems with the opening of certain pages can occur when elemental non-compliance with safety rules on the network, computer viruses blocked. You should be careful when receiving emails from unknown destinations with links addresses, in any of the posts can be fatal virus for your computer. If the correspondence volume, and it is impossible to guess your man, or not, it makes sense to put a powerful anti-virus program.

Neat and professional approach in communicating with friends and family, in compliance with all safety regulations, will bring the user a lot of fun. Learning a simple work process with reference, It can surely help in the question "How to throw a link?"Your friends and colleagues. So do not be afraid of all, and you need to be just a little cautious!

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