How to download from VkSaver?


Left of the page, below the icon of the player “Save”button

If you like to listen to music on a social network, amounted to a volume playlist and want to re-record all the music in your computer, note VkSaver program. With it you can download all playlists to your computer directly from your contacts.

How to download from VkSaver desired tone, or a shared file, we will cover in this article, miss and remember.

Preparing for injection

  1. From the official site download VkSaver program on your computer. It can be downloaded free of charge, specifying this when you search, the only obstacle: viruses, which the Internet enough. To avoid infecting your computer, before looking for the program include software shield against viruses.
  2. Go to the site, choose the new version and click on the “Download”button. A few minutes later VkSaver program will be downloaded to your computer. It remains only to unzip the file and install the program in the root directory. It will not be difficult, If you follow the prompts during installation.
  3. After installing the program, check, all files are preserved which drive, it should not be “scored” disk, since the jump, to a file folder VkSaver program will reset distributions.

Download of the “Vkontakte”

  1. After installation VkSaver come into contact in their profile. Find your favorite music files, you would like to download. On the left under the icon of the track you will see the button “save”. Push the button. VkSaver program automatically takes the files to jump in and asks for permission to preserve.
  2. In visiteuses window select the drive and folder, which we are going to save the music. Click "OK". After a couple of minutes, the files will be on your computer.

So it is possible to solve the problem of, how to download from VkSaver music from “Vkontakte”.


The only time, which should be considered when working with VkSaver: free version of the program will only run on Windows Vista operating systems, or XP. For other systems, you will need a paid version of the program, another helper in downloading files with contacts.

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