How to download music from the contact on the computer

main methods, how to download music from the contact on the computer, there are several:

  • manually;
  • with the use of free additional utilities.

    Music archive!

    Music archive!

Download music manually

First you have to select your favorite tracks and put them in the "My Recordings". If you hover the mouse cursor to the tune of, It appears to the right symbol "+". It is necessary to press, symbol appears in «V» instead of the "+", and the melody appears in the "My Recordings".

First, go to the "My Recordings", and already here to download the audio files to your computer. Click on the right mouse button, and from the list, select "View Code". Here, Using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F (in the search box enter «.mp3»), You can find links to songs. You need to copy a piece of string, select the text with «http://», and ending with «.mp3», eg: need to copy the link into the address bar of web-browser, after which the melody is written on a computer. If copying is not gone, you have to press the "Save as" and specify the file storage location.

Copying music through VKMusic

The program is designed for easy recording of music (video) of a contact. First, download from the Internet installation program VKMusic. Run to install it on a computer, run. To start copying music, in VKMusic menu you must choose "VKontakte" and open the "My Recordings". Then he opens a window "Authorization In contact with», where you have to enter the required information and click "Login". As a result, a window opens VKMusic, in the upper part of which displays a list of all music files, located in the "My Playlist" in contact. Here you can select individual tunes (you can select the entire list), Then press "Add to download". After this list is copied to the bottom of the window VKMusic (music uploaded to the computer). Place of storage of music can be changed via the "Options" menu item, then click on "Settings". In the window that opens, specify the path to the "Music".

download program audio Dj Vkontakte

It is not only used to copy audio files (video), but also makes it possible to search for specific audio files, as well as music albums, listen to audio (watch video). Dj Vkontakte has an intuitive interface.
There is an option of copying, how to download music from the contact on the computer using the plug-ins.

Downloading audio using VKSaver

The program allows you to record music from a contact (video). First downloaded installation plug VKSaver. Follow the instructions, it is necessary to carry out its installation. Next you need to open its own page in touch. Line of each audio file, supplemented «Save» button. After clicking on it with the left mouse button, opens a tab with the button "Download". If you click, the selected music is recorded on a computer. After clicking on "the Save" right mouse button and select "Save As", You can specify where to store your music files.

Use for recording music LoviVK

another embodiment, provide convenience copying music (video) a contact to your computer, is LoviVK . You must first from the Internet to download the installation file LoviVK. Next, install the program, be sure to restart your computer. Then start your browser and go to Account contact.

In the "Playlist", on the wall and on the news appeared diskette symbol, used when downloading audio files. To copy music, You need to right click on the disk and choose "Save As", the music can be stored on your computer, specifying the storage location of the music file.

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