How to save electricity at home

The more a person wants to improve their household living conditions, the more he has to pay for the benefits received. Take the case of a country house. To facilitate entry to the gardening area will help to automatic sliding doors. At night, the area around the street lamps, not to give the opportunity to quietly sneak into the house of the attacker.

Energy-saving lamps

Energy-saving lamps

lighting facilities, a large number of electrical appliances for different purposes lead to a large energy consumption. The more consumed electric energy, the higher the rate of its payment. It's time to think about the possibilities of the economy and take concrete measures. We will try to deal with the issue: "How to save electricity at home?»
Regular implementation of all recommendations will not only reduce electricity consumption, save finance, but also save the energy resources for the younger generation, increase the comfort of housing, reduce environmental pollution by harmful emissions.

The most simple ways to save energy

  • Perfectly light up the room, consuming at least five times less electricity, CFLs. The price level of these lamps is greater than the cost of our usual bulbs, but the service life is significantly longer, that allows you to save a decent amount.
  • Special attention should be paid to the manual home appliance. It needs to be carefully observed. You do not need to be placed near heating appliances and equipment for cooling products. Freezers and refrigerators operate to maintain the desired cooling mode. In the kitchen next to the stove, oven refrigerator operation is greatly enhanced. When placed in the refrigerator still hot from previous dishes with food to room temperature, also spent more energy to maintain the optimum temperature. More electricity will consume a freezer with a thick layer of ice on the walls. Follow the instructions on the operation can significantly reduce electricity consumption.
  • The light should be turned on only in the room, where people are. Often a person just too lazy to once again reach out to the switch, and it leaves the lights on, leaving the premises. Leaving the house, be sure to turn off the lights.
  • Doing the cleaning don't forget to wipe the bottles and light bulbs. Dusty glass transmits light on 20% less than pure. Regular cleaning of light bulbs from the dust will make it possible to save on the purchase of a more powerful light bulbs. Dust settles virtually all, so it need to be cleaned from the ceiling and.
  • The house will be much lighter and will not need additional lighting, if the ceiling is white, wall light, large mirrors and windows. Dark colors wallpaper dims the lights and in need of a more powerful light.
  • It would not have praised the use of in country houses electric heating, in fact it is a very large over-expenditure of energy. Heat a large room with one heating appliances will not work. Experts estimate for heating in 20 quarter. m. need to 2 kWh of energy. What to speak of 200 quarter. m? If you still decide to use electric heaters, for the batteries need to install heat-reflective screens.
  • To reduce energy consumption in the winter will help carefully the insulation of the building. Install the new double glazing on windows, Seal all cracks, Insulate the door and the floor.
  • When choosing a store appliances pay attention to her class. The higher the class, the more energy you save. The highest energy saving performance vehicles of Class A ++.
  • Cause of excess power and danger of fire could be old electrical wiring. new wire, neat compound, proper insulation will help prevent fire and expenditure of energy.
  • At night a large part of household appliances are disconnected. Many owners are left in standby computers, TVs, mistakenly assuming, that at this time the power consumption is close to zero. Try to carry out the experiment, fixing the counter reading at a set standby art, and then turning off unneeded appliances at night all the way from the network, also remove the control indications. By comparing both figures to multiply the difference 365 and you find out how much you can save kilowatts per year, completing only one item of the recommendations.

Installation of special devices

Method energy savings

Method energy savings

You still do not know, how to save electricity at home? Try starting with the acquisition of specialized equipment for energy saving and re-read again written recommendations.

Save a decent amount on the payment for the consumed electricity will help to set the house transformers, relay, automatic and remote switches. Invented these devices are designed to increase savings. Their use gives the increase in the minimum savings 8 time.

Work efficient devices aimed at programming the lighting off for a fixed period of time. Excellent savings give Twilight switches. Today is a big demand for the installation of the system "smart house". Its popularity is increasing day by day. Great gadget allows you to save as much as possible the family budget. Lights in the house off, as soon as the tenants leave it, technique works in economy mode, power consumption is under strict control.

Conclusion: save on energy consumption is possible and necessary.

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