How to make Yandex or Google home page

Internet inhaled the lives of millions of people. Some are here to share information, others on the contrary get it. To simplify the search in as the huge library of search engines have been created, the most popular ones, Yandex and Google it. for sure, all have long been familiar with them. Now these services are necessary for us not only to search for information, With them we are doing everything: We find out the weather for tomorrow, we read the news, See the map of the world, etc..

Each person chooses the most convenient search engine, depending on your needs. for example, yandex offers us the latest news, which are divided into world, regional and local, etc..

In connection with such popular search engines people began to wonder, how to make your homepage Yandex or Google. After all, it is very convenient, just open the browser, and all the necessary functions are opened automatically.

so, we understand why we need the search engines, Now we learn, how to make Yandex and Google home page in any popular browser.

How to make Yandex home page in Google Chrome

  1. first, what to do, is to open the basic settings of the browser. Note that the upper right corner and click on the key image. Then, select “Settings”.
  2. Open the section “Main”, next, click on the “Open this page” and type the address of the search engine, e.g. or
    Раздел "Настройки"


  3. Next, close the tab, All changes should be saved automatically. Now we have to check the work, To do this, reset your browser, if done correctly, the search engine should open automatically.

How to make Yandex or Google home page in Opera

Initially, such a popular browser, as Opera opens the home page of the official website . It is not always convenient, so most try to immediately change it to a more useful site. so, consider, how to put your home page in Opera.

  1. To begin, go to your browser options, they are in the left corner of the main window. Select “Menu”, then click on the “Settings”tab, next, select “General settings”. You can simply use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F12.
  2. Go to the tab “Main” and pay attention to the area, where the following data: At startup – here you choose “Start with home page” and “Home” – in this field just you need to specify the url of your search engine, e.g. or The photo below shows, what to do.

    How to make Yandex or Google home page

    How to make Yandex or Google home page

  3. To save the settings click on “Ok” and restart the browser. If done correctly, then open your favorite website.

How to make Yandex or Google home page in the Mazilu

Mozzila Firefox is one of the most popular browsers in the world and has its advantages, that is why this article examines, Mazilu how to adjust to fit your needs.

  1. Go to the tab “Firefox”, which is in the upper left corner, then click on “Settings”.
    Основные настройки

    basic settings

  2. an additional window opens in front of you with the settings, from there, select the Main tab, and pay attention to the next area: “When Firefox starts” and “Home page”, Set the same settings, as indicated in the picture.
  3. Next you must click on “Ok” and restart the browser.

With simple steps you set your favorite search engines to the start page in your browser. If you have not understood, how to make the necessary adjustments, Check out the video, which can be found below.

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