How to make your own magic wand?

Do you have children? If yes, you just need to know, how to make magic wands. After watching fairytales, the child will want to get it. Of course, you can buy a wand in the shop, but it is wise to make her own hands.

How to make a real magic wand?

To begin, go to the forest swamps of the stick. It should be dry, Consequently, We are looking on the ground. To do this, put your hands down and led them over the surface until, until the desire to take this particular wand. You obviously feel attraction, because looking for her, and she you. Then say the spell. The so-called oath of allegiance to a stick and a request for wizards, to endow it with the power of. This spell can be found in books on this subject.
Brought home wand, We begin to do it. The process is very simple. Wand put on a couple of days in cold water, then it is necessary to bury. After a day and get cleaned from bark and knots. Then sanded and slightly sharpened at the end. here you go, attribute ready magic. To put it into action, we must also carry out a rite of passage. But that's another story.

How to make a magic wand children?

A real magic wand to make children 11 years themselves. But kids also want to cast. For them, parents can make wands out of any available material, eg, pencil, plastic tubes, paper, polymeric clay.
We'll consider, how to make a wand from the movie "Harry Potter". This method is simple and not time consuming.
Cardboard from corner to corner you should turn into a tube, prokleivaya inside. When the glue is dry, give it a proper shape, cut off the top on both sides. Take the silicone and fill it into the tube, the sealed ends. On the surface of silicon rods do convexity in the form of thin coils. Now put the product to dry completely. Then paint with acrylic paint tube, gilding and convexity. Everything!

How to make a beautiful magic wand mine craft?

We live in the world of computer games. There is a game mine craft. Here, too, can make a magic wand for. how? With the charm of books. In a sandbox game has two slots. The first slot of the anvil put a stick. In the second - the book. It transmits its spell and disappears, and the wand remains. It shimmers violet light, Consequently, ready for magic. In this game you can create a wand connoisseur, fire, lightning, light and other. Each performs its magic.

How to conduct a rite of passage of a magic wand?

To do this, prepare for special dates, This is the first of May and 31 October. It is in these days can do a magic wand really. And if you want to do everything faster, dedicate the wand full moon night. Take your wand at a nearby lawn, you need to find a place, where the light of the moon, particularly bright and lay down a white cloth. Then put the wand, at its two ends, place a lighted candle and say a pre-learned spell. Remember, that magic wand is valid only for good intentions.
Finally we can say, that the wizard is easy to become. Enough to make magic wands, no matter how, real or virtual.

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