How to make a video “In contact with”?

video contactPeople love to share with family and friends the most important moments of life. If you previously had to copy tapes and discs with video film about the importance, today to the aid of social networks.

How to make a video in “Vkontakte”? It is necessary to shoot the, digitize your home computer, and only then put on my page in contact.

Will post the finished video

To accommodate the finished video on his page on the social network is necessary:

  1. Sign in to your page.
  2. In the upper right corner click on “My videos”.
  3. Click “Upload video file”.
  4. In the new interface, we write the original video settings. Title, the size, values ​​secrecy and video description. You can also take advantage of downloading from the Internet, inserting it into the address bar link to a resource hosted video.
  5. If you upload videos directly from your computer, after the description click on the “Save”button. Opens the download window, to which you attach video, adjusting its size.

What else you need to know when placing video in touch

The second step in solving the problem: how to make a video in “Vkontakte” – to adjust age limits.

If your video is high resolution, should be reduced to its parameters, acceptable to the injection.
How to edit the finished video? Programs for this purpose, there are many, both online access, as well as for home use. The simplest editing program to put video Windows Movie Maker.

Since you can adjust the resolution of this program, quality and “noise” of the video. After the fill video on my page in contact and wait for the reviews from relatives. Here's how to make a video in “Vkontakte”.

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