How do I, the guy was afraid to lose you

Как сделать так, чтобы парень боялся тебя потерятьThe relationship between two people, especially, if it's a guy and a girl, trying to build a relationship, or even seeking to start a family - it is always a time-consuming work, which must be performed every day. Many girls are very sadly mistaken, when they think, which is enough to fall in love Man, and it will always be with you. Due to this error, they relax, It is doing absolutely nothing for, to strengthen their relations, which is quite often the result of the extinction of a young man of interest to their specific and leads to a parting. Therefore it is very important to do so, the guy was afraid to lose you, that is, I began to appreciate and cherish your relationship.

How to behave and what to do, the guy admired and feared losing:

In order not to lose the guy and his location to his, there are a few things, which in any case should not do, and which do just need to. Let us consider each of these issues separately.

It is not necessary to do:

  • Run a guy from morning till evening, preventing passage. Each person must necessarily be their personal space, encroaching and stealing that, you risk only hurt yourself and your relationship.
  • Never belittle the dignity of Man, especially when other people, the first category which are his family and friends.
  • Constantly monitor all activities of a young man, I am trying to keep abreast of absolutely all steps, made them, thereby limiting its freedom of action.
  • It is not necessary to keep the Man, both on a leash will not hold myself, arranging tantrums about his meetings with friends or with family, but at the same time, it should know, you just pleased to be with him and you will be happy to share all his interests and hobbies.
  • No need to keep quiet and pass by the eyes and ears, some of the things that hurt you in the behavior of a Man, that is, to tolerate and forgive absolutely all his transgressions. Young people should know, that you are also a human being with feelings and emotions, which are also to be respected.
  • Belittling their dignity and position in life for the sake of the interests of her boyfriend.

How should behave:

  • Give the guy to feel themselves free to choose, he should not feel the pressure equivalent to the pressing of your hand.
  • Let us always understand her boyfriend, that you appreciate a lot of people, and some of you even really like. He should feel, you confident girl, knows her worth and has its fans. To do this,, eg, imperceptibly draw the attention of another young man, so that he became interested in you as a person. But, in no case, do not go too far. Frank flirting with other young people can only lead to jealousy and even create for you is not the most favorable impression.
  • Try to be a support for a young man, constantly instilling into it trust in yourself and your strength, gradually becoming his muse, inspire him to new feats. This should be done so, all the guy did not forget, that you're a girl and just need his support, otherwise you can only become a boyfriend, who always support and comfort.
  • Very important, that the man felt close to his girlfriend, that is with you. Therefore, we should always try to say goodbye to the gloomy mood and radiate from behind only positive emotions and mood. becoming, in this way, more beautiful and more attractive, since good spirits and optimistic always transform any person, making it more energetic and more interesting in the eyes of others.
  • In a relationship with a man, and not only in them, We must always try to develop myself ka personality, as well as change their appearance only for the better, never running your appearance, ceasing to follow him. Moreover, this time for the girls not only are in the early stages of a relationship, but already overstepped marriage abroad.
  • Do not let your guy never relax, allowing thinking, that you will never and nowhere on it will not get.
  • You always have to try to do so, to the man next to you feel superman, multiplying his confidence. But here it is important not to overdo it, that guy is not arrogant.

For all those, who want to strengthen their relationships and understand, how to tie a Man, It features video:

Keeping all of the above items, as well as incorporating all the charm, you will only strengthen their relationship and to get guys to think about, whom he may lose.

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