How to make a heart in contact?

Husky in contact

How does the heart in contact

When you register on a social network, you add friends, expand your social circle. On your page every day there are notes from the walls of the familiar user. Sometimes you want to note your favorite picture, but you do not know how?

We will tell you how to make a heart in contact, “like” photos of friends and companions live.

Making heart in contact

How to contact heart in a photograph a close friend? Easy. Simply click on the button under the image that says “like” and your “like” will see friends. People are pleased to get in touch hearts. So they see, we put it enjoyable to readers.

If you do want to get hearts, it is necessary to make a little effort. Choose an interesting photo or video from your computer. Upload it in their albums and to refer to the comments on the page.

If you do not want, that your photos are not seen outsiders, mark is only visible to friends. But the more people will see your picture, the more you can get for their hearts.

Create a heart-graffiti

If you are not enough “likes” under the photos on the page. If you are wondering how to make the heart in contact, try to draw it on your page or on the wall of friends.

Make heart-graffiti in different colors. Arrange the colors in the proper sequence. red, purple, pink and blue. This combination of colors will bring your drawing the largest number of likes.

Another sure way to make a lot of likes: launch the application and give access to it. To do this, launch the application on your computer, page in contact adjust the visibility settings and prepare for the hearts sea.

Like this, simple and the problem is solved without problems: how to make a heart in contact.

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