How to pitch and classmates?

Today on the Internet you can find a large number of social networks, who in their own interest. Every user selects himself for the, what he likes.

Can I make a list in Odnoklassniki

Can I make a list in Odnoklassniki

But according to statistics, many users prefer one of the famous "Odnoklassniki" social network. She was able to win widespread popularity, Amateur communicate virtually. And often, they begin to wonder question - how to pitch and classmates?

How to make sending messages?

Usually, not all users are aware of the, that the function of a mass mailing in the "Classmates" does not exist. It just means, that if you have a desire to write to all my friends at the same time, you know, that you will not succeed.

What to do in this case,?

  • In this way, You will need to write to each other separately. And sometimes it is this deficiency causes some problems and difficulties during the use of this social network.
  • for example, there are cases, when you simply need to send the same message to all your friends and make it in the order of time-consuming. In this case, you have the ability to ask for help to businesses, or refer to the category of craftsmen, who can provide spam service.

And for them, as known, such as sending service to classmates is an easy task. Of course, it should be understood, you need to spend a certain amount for the provision of such services.

The amount may vary, from 15 cents and above. Further advance would like to warn, that you should not be surprised in the future, that your page may be blocked and classmates, and the reason is - spamming.

After all, as is well known mass mailing messages, regardless of what text they contain is considered to be spam. So the choice is yours. But in that case your page will be suspended is not a fact, that those posts, that you send your friends, They will be read.

Of course, the lack of this service is a lot of dissatisfaction among users, but, However, make a list and classmates will not work.

You will need to spend a little time, and send a message to all your friends individually. In this case, you'll be sure, that messages will be delivered to your page and thus will not be blocked.

On the Internet you can find a lot of questions, concerning namely sending messages to classmates. Some Internet users say, that with the help of special programs, this can be achieved, others say, what to do on their own is in "Odnoklassniki" is impossible.

We, in turn, follow the second option, and confidently announce that, that network "Classmates" This service is not. And what to do further up to you.

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