How to make a frame in Photoshop?

Having analyzed the graphics programs work principles, you can try yourself in something original and interesting. This may be an option, how to make a frame in photoshop frame for photos in Photoshop. Options in the framework of this program a huge amount, but beginners would be better to start with a simple frame. Filled his hand on her, You can add more complex elements.

Online generators photographs and preparation of photo

You can also use ready online generator pictures – there you will find a huge number of ready-made frames and templates. But the occupation is, though simple, but quickly bored, and if you want something truly original and unique, the analogue of Photoshop, you simply will not find.
Before you start the program you need to find the right photo. Should be considered, frame that gives a certain artistry, Accordingly, it is not suitable for every photo. Incorrectly selected image frame is not decorate, but on the contrary will make inharmonious and incomprehensible. But right podobranny photo frame does not just decorate, but also make a deep and meaningful.

How to make a frame in Photoshop?

There are many ways, how to make a frame in Photoshop. Select photos you want to download the program and unlock the layer with it. Even to create avatars, you need to unlock the layer or copy it, removing the previous.
One of the fastest ways is considered the formation of a separate frame, under which it is possible to adjust the photo. To do this, create a new document required size. Next you need to create a new layer, pressing combination keys Ctrl + Vackspace, to fill it with any color from the palette. On this layer, you need to click the mouse, parallel pressing ctrl. This will highlight the contour of the canvas. Size of the frame can be set, selecting in the top menu, a combination of Select-Modify-Border, where one can choose the number of pixels. As a result, the required number of pixels will be highlighted on the canvas.
Then you need to click the icon "Reverse" and Vackspace. This action removes the central part of the layer. Next, you need to press the key combination Ctrl + B, then the selection will disappear.
Now we need a kind of "win" in the photo paper with a frame and "drag and drop" this layer under the frame. If necessary, by pressing a combination of Ctrl + T can change picture size.
The result is a picture frame rectangular white or black. You can fill it with another color and add a shadow. For this it is necessary to press the layer with the frame and fill an icon "Filling".
Double-click on the layer with the frame and the need to put a tick in the box, which will appear in front of the drop shadow. Upon satisfaction of the result of the need to press OK, to complete the.
Save the photos, you can continue to experiment. Thus it is necessary to apply filters, blur the edge of the frame, change the shape or create the effect of decreasing transparency. Now you know, how to make a frame in Photoshop.

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