How to make a hairstyle with curls

Quite popular in today's world, young girls become curled hair with curls. Although women are older than this hairstyle good fit. This article describes one of the varieties of hairstyles, when locks are placed casually on her hair loose.

You need some handy tools and materials:

  • Curling tongs. It is important to choose the desired diameter, curls to get the optimum size, It depends on the general form of hairstyles. Tongs can be replaced by a conventional hair iron, but there are some nuances. This device should not be hot, that would not spoil the hair. Its main task – the formation of the hair, so not every hair iron suited for the job. It is important to know, that it will always have to twist, and even though it will turn out large curls, that is not suitable for every hair style.
  • Massage Comb for styling long hair
  • small mirror

How to make a hairstyle with curls

In order to make a simple, but very elegant hairstyle with curls for a start you need to prepare your hair. Wash and dry your curls. by the way, it is not necessary to dry them with a hair dryer, tk. must, the hair retained little moisture.

If after drying the hair were a little wet, such a result is just fits. After drying well comb fibers.

  1. After this preconditioning, do the following: separate strand of hair left to the required width, as shown in the picture.
    How to make a hairstyle with curls

    How to make a hairstyle with curls

  2. Then use pliers to secure the selected strands.
  3. Wrap the hair in the curling. Do this to all the length of the curl, leaving little space from the roots (about 15 cm).
    Накручивание волос

    hair wrap

  4. Next, you need to wait for some time, having sepco hair. If you use flat irons, follow the same procedure, pre-heating device. Also, don't forget to turn the pad at a time, when you want to curl new curl. This is done, to not burn the hair. be careful.
  5. Gently remove sepci and evaluate the result.

    Уберите щепцы

    Get sepci

  6. Follow this procedure with all the strands. Do not forget, the amount of hair in each strand should not significantly differ. A ray of all to use natural section, they are fairly easy to detect by hand. It is important to leave a gap from the roots to the stranded curls size 10-15 cm. On the temporal side of the cut should be slightly shorter, than in the occipital.
    How to make a hairstyle with curls

    How to make a hairstyle with curls

  7. Now you know, how to make a hairstyle with curls. Everything, you have left, it received zavetki dishevel hands and break them down into small clumps. It is very easy, enough to mix the adjacent strands, while the result will satisfy you. Eventually, you should get a pretty natural hair, which will impress others. It is for this leave small gap from the roots to curl, although it can be a little experiment, because each has its own woman, unique hair.
  8. If you have a long bangs, it can be curled and her, or just throw it sideways.

If you do not understand, how to make a hairstyle with curls, then leave a comment or send us an email. You can also view other articles on our site, for example read about, how to do a manicure at home.

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